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Of Dis and Dat

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By Nahdjla Bailey

FIRST off, thanks for enlightening me by identifying the mystery person. Let me repeat: he has plenty of company in both houses, for sure. My advice to him however is that if he wants to be a little different from his partners he might try toning down the aggression. No, it ain’t a mistake. I mean that. If he wants to stand out in a positive way, tone down the aggression. For it would seem that there’s a competition on their side to see who can be the most obnoxious.

Don’t you just hate it when people compare politicians and other animals to children? They say things like, “Look at them. They’re so immature. Did you see the way they were getting on in the House? Behaving just like children.” No, they weren’t, and even if you thought they were and always do, well, such behaviours as frequent outbursts, throwing tantrums, issuing threats, hostility to rules set by authority, constant readiness to fight, and habitual lying are not characteristic of normal children but are symptoms of Oppositional Defiant Disorders (ODD) and are found in children in need of help. So, yes, we do see these behaviours existing in the House and, I fear, becoming more and more invasive. But please don’t make a blanket statement and compare the perpetrators of these behaviours to children generally. You do the children of Saint Lucia and the world a monumental disservice!

Similarly, I cringe every time I hear the reporters and newsreaders refer to criminals, whether murderers, rapists, robbers or assaulters, as gentlemen. “The gentleman was taken into custody by the police…” “When police arrived, the gentleman had already fled the scene…” The gentleman this, the gentleman that. How incongruous!

OK, so you’re afraid to get sued, right? Well, you don’t have to be specific. You might use a label such as the alleged murderer, rapist etc., or even less damning, the alleged perpetrator, but gentleman, come on now…

Can’t wait for those parking meters to be installed in the city. Hope there will be enough of them and that they will be well monitored, because as a friend of mine is wont to say, to much amusement, “Nothing in this world is ______ proof! I’ve left her noun of choice out so that you may fill in the blank as you see fit. The self-appointed, nuisance parkers on the Boulevard must already be apoplectic about the imminent change. Whatever will they do now? Perish the thought! While on the office of the Mayor, I would like to congratulate him and his officials for suspending the Saturday night street party during the season of Lent, thereby not just paying lip service to the overwhelming Catholic, nay Christian, beliefs and traditions of this country, but putting his money where his mouth is and honouring them.

Do you know one of Government’s plans/proposals which I truly love? It’s the School of Excellence. I won’t spell it out for you. Just think the concept through for yourselves and you will see the untold virtues that an institution such as that possesses, the benefits which can be derived from it, if well managed. Talk about impact! I wish that initiative all the blessings in the world. I think back to Singapore, that mightily organised, disciplined society. A special school exists, even at the level of, or should I say, especially at the level of grooming for Government, given that that occupation is seen as sacred, not one for all and sundry. And lest you get the urge to shout, “Discrimination!” I would advise you to go and check out the workings of such a tried and tested establishment and its democratic nature, which helps to ensure the continuance of good governance and unblemished, successful government into the future. I know. I know. But we can certainly give it a go, can’t we?

In case you had not noticed, NTN makes for some commendable viewing these days. Of late, some consider it the go-to channel. Just thought I’d share.

Something which upsets me no end, and should you as well, is when any Saint Lucian, no matter how disenchanted he/she is with a Government for whatever reason or reasons, justified or not, sees no other way than to take to the media, particularly the worldwide media, to not simply criticize that government but, I am told, to actually admonish any would-be visitors against coming to the island. Now, I am not on any social media so I don’t ever see these things for myself, but just the thought of them is so disturbing. And I suppose I don’t have to tell you whence they arise, because you are well aware that one party indulges in that sort of vileness, while it has never been the style of the other. I ask: if you say you love your country and you constantly holler about “what dey doing to dis country” then in the name of all that is honest, fair and patriotic, how can you in all conscience engage in this particularly nasty and self-defeating behaviour? Your treasonous actions should induce the wholesale ire of all decent-minded Lucians, if not the long and heavy arm of the Law.

So, thinking Saint Lucians, let’s leave the wallowing in raw faecal matter behind, whether literal or figurative, and as the popular Louise Bennet (Miss Lou), of Jamaica Pantomime fame would advise, let’s try to “helevate” for the good of ourselves and the land of our birth.

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