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Former PM hints at taking DSH matter to court

IT seems that the first phase of the 2.6 billion dollar project for Vieux Fort dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’ may find itself the subject of a court case, according to comments made by former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony during his presentation on the budget.

Anthony strongly hinted of a court matter when he said that in the next few weeks, he will, in his capacity as the area‘s parliamentary representative “move to the courts to secure appropriate declarations.”

He said his position as Vieux Fort South representative, the area where most of the project is targeted, means that he has a duty to protect the patrimony of the people of that constituency and to ensure that any development that comes the way of constituents is in their interest.

“I maintain that the agreements with Teo Ah Khing are outrageous, breached the financial laws of St. Lucia and are contrary to the public interest,” Anthony said.

He was referring to the horseracing track currently under construction in Beausejour, Vieux Fort, saying that the prime minister first said it would be completed last year, then later this year now moving the completion date to next year.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has steadfastly said that the agreements were not cast in stone, are constantly being worked on and were not final agreements.

He has said, repeatedly, that the only done deal under the project is that of the horseracing track currently under construction in Beausejour, Vieux Fort.

Anthony’s somewhat veiled reference of bringing the DSH/Pearl of the Caribbean project to a law court was directed at the prime minister.

He also directed a warning at the prime minister with respect to the cases the latter stated he plans to investigate.

But former Prime Minister Anthony was not perturbed at all with the prime minister’s remarks, made this week during his delivery of the budget.

Stating that he has been through persecution before, Anthony told Chastanet never to come to the ‘Altar of Justice’ with unclean hands, as he will pay the price for it.

“What I promise the Minister for Finance is that when he embarks on whatever he embarks on, I will make sure that he reaps the whirlwind for his actions,” Anthony said.

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