Chairman’s Reserve Wins Gold at 2018 World Spirits Awards!

THE World Spirits Award “WSA” honored the best products within each spirits category for 2018.

St Lucia Distillers had the honor of winning a gold medal for several consecutive years, for the “Distillery of the Year” award in the rum category and “Spirit of the year” for 1931 at the World Spirit Awards.

Being no stranger to winning recognition in awards, having won numerous medals and honors in the past decade, Chairman’s Reserve stood out this year amongst its peers capturing many Gold medals.

In addition, St Lucia Distillers also captured these other wonderful accolades: Chairman’s Reserve with the Gold medal; Chairman’s Spiced with the Gold medal; Admiral Rodney with the Gold medal; Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten cask with the Gold medal; 1931 sixth edition with Double Gold Medal & Spirit of the Year and St Lucia Distillers got “Distillery of the Year.”

“St. Lucia Distillers is small, innovative and focused on quality”, explains the company’s Sales & Marketing Director, Michael Speakman.

He adds, “Producing premium rum is the core focus of our corporate philosophy, and closely related with it are all other market activities. The members of our team are not afraid of taking risks and we innovate. We like to experiment with the production process and are delighted if this results in the creation of world class products.”

Saint Lucia Distillers has continued to expand into international export markets with its rums distributed in markets such as Spain, Holland, Sweden, Japan, Australia, Czech Republic, Greece, India and Ukraine to name a few.

With continued success in international competitions, the company is confident of bolstering its export success, as well as building its home market where St. Lucian consumers continue to enjoy the world’s best rum.

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