St. Lucians Urged To Participate In GIST Tech-I Competition

PRESS RELEASE – AS a GIST Tech-I Affiliate, Michelle N. Samuel has taken on the responsibility to educate her fellow St. Lucian entrepreneurs or hopefuls about certain opportunities which could have a positive impact on them and the St. Lucian society as a whole.

She promises to keep St. Lucians informed and up-to-date with any opportunities and competitions that they are eligible to apply for, but claims that the best way to keep informed of these opportunities is by “liking” her company page on Facebook — SLUDTERA.

SLUDTERA is a faith-based, non-profit, private, career development agency with a mandate to combat unemployment in St. Lucia.

Here are the details of the competition:
The GIST Tech-I Competition is an annual competition for Science and Technology Entrepreneurs from emerging economies worldwide. Aspiring innovators submit their ideas and start-ups online which are then reviewed by experts and voted on by the global voting public in order to determine the finalists. New this year, U.S. Department of State is inviting all former GIST Tech-I finalists to participate in the programme to recruit and mentor the next generation of Science and Tech Entrepreneurs.

Since 2011, innovators from around the globe have showcased their Science and Technology ventures to the world through GIST Tech-I Competitions. Thousands of expert reviews have taken place and the online voting public has cast over 1 million votes in support of these talented young innovators.

The GIST initiative is led by the U.S. Department of State, and the Tech-I Competition is implemented by AAAS. Applications for Tech-I 2018 are now being accepted. Deadline is December 28, 2017. St. Lucians can apply to this competition by using this link: http://www.gistnetwork.org/content/gist-tech-i

Samuel has also offered to arrange to have one or two previous GIST Tech-I Competition finalists mentor St. Lucians who decide to participate in this competition. Stay informed of upcoming competitions and events available to St. Lucian entrepreneurs by “liking” Samuel’s company’s Facebook page: SLUDTERA.

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