SLDHA Donates Insulin To Dominica

Image of SLDHA Donating Insulin

PRESS RELEASE –  THE St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association has received a donation of insulin from Tenacia Global out of the United States. The insulin will be delivered to people living with diabetes in Dominica.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness via the Central Procurement Unit facilitated the safe storage of this medication. During a short presentation ceremony on December 4, Project Manager for the St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association, George Eugene, stated that his project is looking to lowering costs associated with managing diabetes to allow more people to benefit.

Image of SLDHA Donating Insulin
SLDHA Donates Insulin

“The reason we are here is because of Tenacia Global, which is a partner organization that we have joined with well over a year ago trying to create a project that will help not only St. Lucia but all the other islands in the Caribbean. We’re going to start the project in St. Lucia but it has always been focused to bringing together the sister organizations and diabetes NGOs throughout the region. Eventually, all of us will be benefiting from the project that we are trying to put together,” Eugene said.

Business Development Manager for the St. Lucian Public Health Diabetes Project, Andrew Felix, announced that Tenacia Global donated 500 vials of insulin to Dominica, adding that this is the first of many projects to come.

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“The landmark project that we are currently working on is a product which is radically going to change the way non-communicable diseases are prevented and treated in St. Lucia and throughout the Caribbean. We are also working on a number of large projects throughout the Caribbean and in the UK. We’ve currently setup a ‘go fund me’ page with two of my colleagues, Don Nelson and Nicolas Gillard, and other celebrities and sports stars as well are going to join that. Hopefully, we’re going to get their support and we’re currently working on a glaucoma project for persons greatly affected by diabetes,” said Felix.

The St. Lucian Public Health Diabetes Project aims to mirror its activities in Dominica and calls on individuals not to forget the plight of people in the hurricane-battered island. The presentation took place at Ministry of Health’s Conference Room on the Castries Waterfront.

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