Rhythm House Offers ‘Audio Essentials’ Workshop

PRESS RELEASE – RHYTHM House, recording studio founded on August 11, 2003 by Peter Simeon Jr., is a total audio facility which offers a variety of services in recording, mixing, (live and studio) music production, audio engineering courses, audio consultation, recording studio design room acoustics and build, and equipment purchasing.

With its list of clients that includes Kakal (“K-doo”, “Too Long To Come”, Road March), Jany Williams, Sisterhood, Kurt Allen, Davis Felix, Menelle, Chrycee, Luther Francois, Wezon, Soca Princess, Aagee Simpson, Arnie Payne, Dianna Phillip, Vanilla (Guyana), Big Red (Guyana), to name a few.

From December 14-18, Rhythm House will be introducing its long-awaited workshop entitled “Audio Essentials”. The programme is designed to run four times during the year, and each course is structured for the entry level to the advanced music producer or people with an interest in music production.

The first workshop, Music Production, is an intense five-day workshop.

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The workshop will be coordinated by Peter Simeon Jr. of Rhythm House and facilitated by Kasey Phillips of Precision Production, a name associated with Trinidad & Tobago’s finest performers and its carnival, e.g. Machel Montano, Kes, Voice, etc.

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