NWU Concerned About New Developing Trends In Industrial Relations

PRESS RELEASE – THE National Workers Union (NWU) has expressed deep concern with new developing trends within the industrial relations process.

The NWU is of the strong belief that the correct advice must be given at all times to the employers who have a major role and responsibility in most of our industrial relations engagements.

The NWU holds the firm position that any deviation from the norms, customs and practices would definitely undermine the trust, confidence and honest approach that has characterized our industrial relations for many, many years.

When some employers are encouraged and allowed to abuse their authority, at domestic and other levels, the wheels of industrial democracy will cease to grind and workers may be driven to resort to other means of settling industrial matters.

It is extremely important that all the stakeholders recommit themselves to the maintenance of industrial justice and to the protection of the industrial stability that Saint Lucia has enjoyed over the years.

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