The Landings Resort Spreads Christmas Cheer At BTC

Image of BTC wards touring The Landings.

PRESS RELEASE – THE boys residing at the Boys Training Centre (BTC) at Massade, Gros Islet, have received immeasurable support from many corporate entities who have hastened to provide supplies and food items when the need arises.

The gestures have gone a long way in providing for the Centre in a time when resources are scarce and most corporate entities are donating less due to their internal pressures. For the past two years, the boys have developed and maintained a special bond with the Landings Beach Resort & Spa, specifically General Manager, Wilbert Mason. To date, Mr. Mason has addressed the boys at the assemblies and other engagements in an effort to assist them in navigating this trying time in their lives and donated two guitars to the music programme.

Image of BTC wards touring The Landings.
BTC wards touring The Landings.

The Landings Resort has also assisted in providing food items for special celebrations throughout the year such as the 57th anniversary and the Annual Christmas Party. It has also partnered with the Boys Training Centre in commemoration of World Environmental Day in June, which comprised of the cleaning and collection of solid waste from Gros Islet Police Station to the beach near Landings Resort.

According to Manager of the Boys Training Centre, Wang Sonson, “The boys appreciated the time Mr. Mason took to address them and his speech was indeed very uplifting and encouraging to the boys”.

Sonson said the school stands to benefit more from key industry drivers taking time to show their support and provide encouragement to the youth of today. He was grateful for the support already meted and urged others to step forward if they are able.

The wards enjoy the encouragement they receive from Mason when he visits and the life experiences he shared has identified with the struggles the boys experienced themselves. It is a privilege to have him speak to boys as the experience is always one of positive encouragement and hope. As one ward highlighted, “It is possible I can become a manager or big person in society.”

The Boys Training Centre has developed many initiatives aimed at the successful rehabilitation of the residents, including sports development, woodwork, art and an active choir with the development of a band as a future aspiration.

As this need has arisen, the Landings Resort saw it fitting to pledge support by way of musical instruments this Christmas along with some Christmas treats. This contribution is part of the resort’s at-risk youth community outreach programmes which its GM was very passionate about.

In addition, the extra friend or volunteer always allows the network to grow, helping in reintegration of the boys upon release from the Boys Training Centre. The additional instruments (guitars) are indeed a splendid contribution, as they allow the music programme to increase the number of boys participating and alleviate the cost of purchasing the instruments. The Centre urges more corporate entities to support its various programmes, like the music programme, to assist in making life for the wards a bit brighter.

According to Mason, “I use the philosophy of moving from good to great to help inspire the youth who see their current situation as a lifetime sentence. We must take the time to encourage and applaud the future leaders so they can start believing in themselves again.”

The boys, although faced with the challenges of their current situation, have found some comfort in the activities which have developed over the years and look forward to new ones.

The BTC hopes to engage 40 men who work in the private and public sector to be mentors in the new programme called BTC Big Brother Programme (mentoring programme). The programme will be open to men from the Landings Resort as well, who desire to mentor boys at the BTC. Training workshops and activities will be provided to facilitate the mentoring programme.

The collaboration in other activities and programmes to foster community outreach and development, namely:
• job training
• agricultural projects
• community projects
• special days (World Volunteer Day, World Environment Day, etc.)
• musical performances at the resort

To become a mentor or to provide support to the Centre, please contact Elvin Ryan Germain, at 4508336 or [email protected]/ [email protected]

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