Greetings From Family and Friends

1.Luke Alfay – Merry Christmas Grandmother Cheryl Auguste

2.Kiara Lambert – Merry Christmas to my mummy, daddy, brother, sister and aunty Yoeli king

3.Amylia titi solomo – Merry Christmas to my mummy, daddy, granny, grandpa and my godmother.

4.Dacia Denis – Sending Christmas greetings to her mother and father.

5.Kernhai wells sending Season greetings to his father Naim wells

6.Kareem Alexander – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to granny and all my Aunties. Don’t forget to buy the Gifts.

7.Benika Gabriel sending Christmas greetings to her mom Valerie Farrel

8.Merry Christmas to a loving Mother Celo I thank the Lord everyday for having a loving Mother like you and Merry Xmas to my Brother, Grandmother and Stepfather from Jeanmal.

9.Merry Christmas to a wonderful Teacher.. Mrs Jones and to mommy Lisa and to the entire Gregg family greeting from Jaiden Gregg.

10.No presents no cash, but what really matters is being with your closest family and friends to celebrate this joyous occasion. May the treasures and traditions of Christmas fill your hearts with hope and happiness. And may God bless you all coming from Rednaxela

11. Merry Christmas to my daddy Dunstan, mommy Carol, my grannies, my teacher Miss Jones, and all my classmates coming from Hope and Faith.

12.Season Greetings goes out to my mom Dominique Lewis, my sister Emily Lewis, my girlfriend Tamyka Charles and my mother-in-law Maria Charles , my aunty’s-in-law Lyra Charles, Joycline Charles and mother Juliana Day greeting from Simeon Lewis.

13.Ted Sandiford – Greetings to de whole Lucian community

14.Merry Christmas to my family, friends, co-workers, it’s sometimes hard to put in words, just what I’d like to say. But always know you’re thought of in a very special way. Though the distance between us keeps us miles apart. There’ll always be a special place for you all in my heart. Stay blessed and have a wonderful and joyous Christmas from Matheline Jermie.

15.Merry Christmas and a happy new year to the Parkinson Family and friends, to the community of Cas-en-bas , Gros islet and all over St. Lucia. Love you all and God Bless you all and have a joyous Christmas From Eli Parkinson.

16.Merry xmas to the entire Henry Family of Castries,. Greeting coming from Mel.

17.I would like to wish Shornia my daughter, Ingrid, Marcus, Tracy, Shorn, Ghinelle, Cara and Shamma a merry Christmas greeting coming from Lydia Monrose .

18.Merry Christmas to my teacher Mrs. Jones and all my family and friends coming from Laschan with love.

19. Merry Christmas to my wonderful Son Kareem also to the Noel, Smith and Pierre Family , Greeting coming from Alice Noel.

20.Merry Christmas to my mummy and Daddy and my nana greeting coming from Princess Sophie.

21.Merry Christmas to my mommy and daddy Natasha and Miguel Chicot. Also my godmother Hester and grandma Patsy & Muriel. Aunty Mindy and brother Tahj coming from Mikayla Chicot.

22.Season greetings to all the members of the Blue Dragon Karate Academy and the Gee-Ryu Karate System of St. Lucia Academy coming from your Chief Instructor Master Clery.

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