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‘High Crime Rate Threat To Local Business Sector’ – Dr. Hilaire

Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire

CASTRIES South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, has expressed concerns over the island’s high crime rate, saying that it poses a great threat to businesses if the situation is not brought under control.

Image of Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire
Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire

Dr.Hilaire said although crime is not a matter that should be politicised, it would be remiss of him not to point out the UWP’s failure to fulfil their 2016 platform promise to lessen the amount of crime that continues to plague the island.

“Some of the fundamental requirements for business to prosper are stability, safety and order, and respect for law in the country, and the significant increase in homicides in St. Lucia must be a cause for alarm in business,” Dr.Hilaire said.

He added that the issue is not only one that plagues the business sector, but St. Lucia and St. Lucians on a whole.

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Addressing the current administration’s promise of reducing the crime rate, Dr.Hilaire said: “You will recall that…one of their platform promises was that they were going to make St. Lucia safe again. There were 19 murders in the last half of last year, and already over 40 for this year. So we’ve had over 60 murders since the new Minister of Home Affairs and the PM came into office, and we’ve seen nothing — certainly no evidence that they’re turning around the situation.”

This issue, he said, will undoubtedly bring the viability of St. Lucia as an ideal destination into question. He said the current crime situation also breeds bad business practices in a bid for business-owners to protect their product.

Dr.Hilaire said: “Hotels don’t want their guests to go out. Hotels are now claiming beaches to be private so the locals cannot interact with their guests because there is the perception that out there is unsafe and people out there cannot be trusted, therefore, don’t let them come to the beaches. We need to be concerned about that as a country, that we cannot be establishing any claims on prime land in St. Lucia, shutting out St. Lucians.”

The politicisation of crime, he said, causes all to suffer and that the situation has reached the stage where it must be addressed.

He said: “Sooner or later, the Labour Party will have to bring crime — and especially the high murder rate — in St. Lucia to the front burner, and call upon the government and demonstrate our concern in a very forceful way because it is a concern for St. Lucians.

“Suicides, rapes, murders have all escalated since June last year and what is being done about it? I mean, the Prime Minister cannot speak of buying more motorcycles and more vehicles for the police as the only solution; it has to be deeper than that.”

To date, the island has recorded 44 homicides for the year.

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  1. So we see Mr.Hilaire, you have assumed the role of leader of the opposition.
    You have already started the campaign not only to be the leader but setting the
    theme of the fight for next elections. Are you not a little ahead of your timing?
    Keep smiling and I hope you can keep it long enough till the first shot is fired.
    It is felt, no amount of the Jufolli largesse can help anyone like you,next time.

    1. Now be fair fox in SLP you find a little division of labour which is refreshing given that Chastanet does everything in UWP. You also have to be fair because SLP never politicised crime. UWP and it’s hacks, particularly UnitedPac are the ones guilty of that crime. So if the man’s observation hot a sensitive spot don’t blame him. Blame those who made its reduction a campaign promise.

  2. long as there is little respect to authorities nothing will change.
    All start from early age when parents tolerating bad behaviour of their kids, In addition parents demanding from teachers: “don’t touch my child”. If parents fail to do the job who else to blame?

  3. ……..Hilaire:”sooner or later, the Labour Party will have to bring crime in St.Lucia to the front burner”…….well what are you waiting for;…….100 Murders!!?…..

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