Ex-Police Assn. Has New Executive

Image: The newly-elected Ex-Police Association Executive.

PRESS RELEASE – EX-POLICE Association of Saint Lucia has a new Executive following the recently held Annual General Meeting on Saturday, June 24 at Auberge Seraphine Hotel, Vigie.

Present were the past executive members and a quorum of approximately thirty-four other voting members.

Image: The newly-elected Ex-Police Association Executive.
The newly-elected Ex-Police Association Executive.

The newly re-elected President, Mrs. Helen Charles, addressed the membership and gave an overview of the Association’s accomplishments during her tenure.

The Treasurer gave a synopsis of the Audit Report and acceptance was unanimously received by membership.

The final review and adoption of changes to the Constitution was made.

A new executive was also elected to manage the affairs of the Association for the next two years. The executive is as follows:

• President Mrs. Helen Charles
Recipient of the Saint Lucia Piton Medal (SLPM)
Ex- Special Reserve Police (Best Recruit, 1978)
Executive Director, Helpage National Council Of And For Older Persons

• Vice President Mr. Romiel Tracy Charlemagne
Recipient of Saint Lucia Piton Medal (SLMP)

• Secretary Mr. Carl Marshall:
Ex-Inspt. Special Reserve Police
Recipient Public Service; Long Service Medal

• Asst. Secretary Mr. Claudius Williams

• Social Director Ms. Ann St. Martin
Ex-Cpl. Royal St. Lucia Police Force

• Trustee Mr. George Rock
Ex-Ag. Deputy Commissioner Royal Saint Lucia Police
Justice of the Peace
Recipient of the Colonial Police Medal
Former Chief of Port Police

• Trustee Mr. Beresford Harding
Ex-Supt. Royal Saint Lucia Police
Recipient Colonial Police Medal and Police Long Service Medal

• Trustee Ms. Gloriana Jean-Sayers

• Chaplin Mr. Ellis Black
Ex-Detective and Asst. Superintendant Royal Saint Lucia Police
Recipient of Police Long Service
Medal and Colonial Police Medal

Our main focus is to increase membership and to lobby on behalf of our members for increased pension levels and general welfare of members.

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