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HOW would you describe the attire of those who attended last weekend’s beach event, Vice, particularly the females and their barely there (literally) swimwear? Appropriate, vulgar, or not your business?

Like everyone else, I, too, have an opinion, and it is fine if you don’t care for mine, but I just feel the need to say something.

I will start off by saying that I’m no prude and that I am of the firm belief that women should be free to express themselves, BUT, I also try to remain a realist, and the one metaphor I like using, is the one with the dark alley.

Basically, you wouldn’t cut through an unguarded dark alley on your own knowing that people regularly get attacked and even killed there, would you?

With that said, I have to shake my head and question why, oh, why, do women continue to put themselves out there (again, literally) like that?

Looking at the photos and videos of what some of the females were wearing, the thong bikinis, the see-through clothing, the bras that just about covered nipples, they were enough to send you past the shock factor and lump you dead on the shame and hopeless mode.

And then there were the actions taking place in said videos, the majority of them looked like they were from the sets of XXX films.

You see, the education is out there, people are aware of reality, and yet still they just bypass it all for momentary fame, or in some cases infamy on social media.

I am willing to bet my entire salary that as we speak, there are currently hundreds of men, sick, demented and perverted men picturing themselves getting up to all sorts with the photos and videos they have of females in a new folder called “Vice 2017”, stored securely in their cloud next to the folders of Carnival, Wet Fete, etc.

Now girls, imagine these sick individuals building a relationship with you in their heads — they don’t know your names, but they know what every inch of your bodies look like, from that tattoo in between your breasts to the dimples on the back of your waist.

Oh, and they know what moves you are capable of, too, like the fact that you can make everything roll and jiggle and that you can touch your knees with your forehead while standing up — they know it all and they study you and their thirst grows strong and look forward to the day that they meet you so that you can stare at them with that “Come Hither” look that you were giving to the cameras.

This is not from a murder mystery novel, you know. This is real life.

Now if you can stop chewing on my neck for a second, give me a chance to say that I am strongly opposed to the idea that women should hide themselves to be safe and I am in no way victim blaming at all. In fact, it pains me to think that women’s right should be stifled in any way to suit the ideologies of men or anyone for that matter.

With that said, I can’t help but remind women that we don’t live in this ideal world where our bodies are getting the respect that we deserve, where a woman can show it all off and men know that they still don’t have the right to touch.

I want to also remind women that we live in a world where there are more mentally-ill people walking the streets than we have who are locked away from society for everyone’s good. So why open the door and let trouble in?

It is not right that many men simply can’t control themselves (well, not that they can’t, I truly think that they just don’t care to control themselves), but at the same time, for your own sakes, ladies, knowing what you know, again I ask, why invite trouble?

Then there is the fact that there has been a resurgence of the “St. Lucian Porn” saga…

I can tell you that there is no law forbidding one individual from recording you while you are in a public setting getting up to unscrupulous behaviour; as long as you are not being filmed unwillingly while at your own house, you are fair game.

So imagine you have this “work hard, play hard” attitude, where you manage to maintain a strictly professional reputation, yet you love a good time. Then imagine a video of you in one of the many outrageous teeny weeny bikinis that were on display circulating where…well, you know what you were up to and this reaches your place of employment.

Again, I say, I’m no prude, but I am a massive advocator of common sense and I will continue to ask people to think about their actions. After all, every action has a reaction, and you cannot fault people for said reactions.

Ladies, this is all for a time, and there most probably will came a stage in your life where you want to take a different path. But what’s out there on the Internet is there forever. Just remember this little nugget the next time you decide to go out and put it all on show for the world to see and judge.

Rochelle entered the Media fraternity in May 2011 as a fresh-faced young woman with a passion for the English language, a thirst for worldly knowledge and a longing to inform the world of what was happening around them, whether it was good or bad.

She began as part of a small news team at Choice Television, which falls under the MediaZone umbrella. She was hired as one of the original members of the newly created Choice News Now team...Read full bio...


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