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Political Maneuvering At Play

Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

IT was the most interesting election results in the Cayman Islands a few days ago, with 9 of the 19 seats going to independent candidates. It would be interesting to know what the history of independent candidates and their successes have been in previous elections. With that majority there were many variables at play.

The one surety was that any government formed would have to be a coalition. Can the same thing happen here? For some people, you can’t even forward the idea of a coalition government. They throw dust on the idea from the get-go, so people figure that the idea of getting three people on the government’s side to join with the position to oust Allen Chastenat should never be entertained.

But even in the Caymans, Bush had a letter of support to the ruling party annulled only hours after being sent to the Governor to throw his support to the independents. A prime minister in Saint Lucia is not elected. Many of my people have not gotten that through their skulls as yet. There is little to prevent a majority in Parliament to write to the Governor General vouching a vote of no confidence in the present Prime Minister and we can be saved from the spiraling hell we are being driven into.

To run as an independent in Saint Lucia seems like the most insane thing to do. In fact, some have termed it political suicide. The number of swing voters in Saint Lucia is growing and it is only a matter of time before what happened in the Cayman Islands happens here. People are becoming more wary of partisan politics.

I continue to forward the independent model as a means to better governance, equality and justice in Saint Lucia. While I think that the independent model is a better system of governance for us in the region, I have also stated that it can become corrupt over time, especially if what is being said of the Caymans elections is true: that one person funded many of the independent candidates.

It is time for us to try something new. The last election at the National Youth Council concerned me a bit. More of the same is not change. So when we had the teams vying one against the other, it reminded me so much of what happens on a national scale: the divide and rule factor. No wonder the NYC is a breeding ground for many politicians.

I am thinking that the National Youth Council may just be a good place to try out the independent model if they are open to it. But I would have to wait another two years. Nonetheless, I do want to send out my congratulations to the new executive and call for inclusiveness of all youth, those who are in organised groups and those who are not.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Cayman Islands as I think that the given situation presents a lot of volatility and the political maneuvering may be far from over. It is for this reason that the independent model forwards that the Head of State should be elected, not appointed.


  1. Kensley
    I take it you majored in political science and you are an adjunct professor at Sir Arthur Lewis community college lecturing on local and regional politics. “The spiraling hell we are driven into”. In the Cayman Island, the people decided enough was enough with these crooked politicians. Here in Saint Lucia, we put up with one side and turn a blind eye when it suits us.
    ” We are still feeling the ill-effects of the last administration that turned Saint Lucia into a hell hole. We have a growing younger population mainly idle, mis-educated, mal-educated, unemployed and very unemployable. So they turn on one another and their families. They have gone berserk”. That is the thoughts of one of our young stake holders in our democracy. recognize we are not living in a homogenous society. We were already driven into hell and properly parked. Your wishful thinking on modeling our society with the Cayman’s pattern is sad, it appears that, in your independent eye: Bias is informing statistics and vice verser. Is there an active youth arm of the SLP & UWP?. And if so, what are their doing to advance the cause?
    We need an after school program for the youths, a summer international student exchange program, meaningful internship programs, a mentorship program (not the one where de boss wants to sleep with our beautiful young ladies), leadership seminars and an apprenticeship programs that leads to a sustainable skilled work force. When was the last time you attended a high school debate competition? Man we need to rebuild our society from within. And you must stop promoting “The Copy Cat Model”, that which works in the Cayman may not necessarily work for us and its a risk not worth taking.

  2. Bias? Obviously yours is glaring.

    Cayman islands does not have a system for us to copy. It is obvious that you have not been following my writing for the past decade. The independent model is one I propose otherwise known as consensus government, a term which I think is a little misleading. Read up on it NY. Thanks for reading and for your feedback.

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