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M Motors Unveils Mini Cooper, BMW Models

Image of Reyes speaking at Thursday’s launch.

THESE are the 2018 models of the Mini Cooper Country Man and BMW X1 S Drive high-end vehicles that were launched by M Motors, authorized dealers for BMW and Mini, at their Vide Boutielle showroom on Thursday.

Managing Director, Mario Reyes, (in picture) dismissed claims that Mini and BMW vehicles were out of the range of the average person’s budget.

Image of Reyes speaking at Thursday’s launch.
Reyes speaking at Thursday’s launch.

He said the purchase of any of the vehicles comes with a service-inclusive package for three years or 60,000 km. This means that within that period, maintenance, parts and labour will be provided at the company’s expense.

“Within that time, all you can do should you be in need of a part or want to service your vehicle is to bring your vehicle to the dealer, hand over the key and you’ll be told when to collect your vehicle. You pay nothing,” Reyes said.

The service-inclusive package could be extended for up to 10 years or 250,000 km. However, the price would vary per model. The vehicles come in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options.

Both vehicle models are loaded with special features, with the X1 being able to be driven with zero pressure in the tires and parking itself in a parallel parking situation.

According to Reyes, the vehicle can literally measure a parallel parking position because it has built-in sensors that can determine if the space between two vehicles is sufficient for it to park. If the space is wide enough, it indicates so and literally parks itself with the driver needing only to apply the brakes when necessary.

The Mini Country Man is in a class all by itself because of its deceptive looks, meaning that while it still shows off all the features of the traditional Mini, a closer look will reveal the few tweaks made to the exterior and interior which cross it over into the family of modern stylistic high end SUVs.

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  1. Reyes, supposed to be doing serious time in state prison for bank fraud. And you here advertising him and his fraudulent schem. Smh

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