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Joseph Defends Cheque Acceptance Role

ECONOMIC Development Minister, Guy Joseph, has responded to criticisms regarding him accepting a cheque from the Taiwanese Embassy on behalf of a hospitality training institute his wife is associated with.

Image of Minister for Economic Development, Guy Joseph
Minister for Economic Development, Guy Joseph

Joseph spoke to reporters earlier this week, saying that not only does he have no involvement with the institute but that he will deal with the allegations levelled at him at the appropriate time.

Three weeks ago, Joseph accepted a cheque for US$40,000 from the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and immediately handed it over to the Caribbean Hospitality and Tourism Training Institute (CHTTi), where his wife, Dr. Wendy Bailey–Joseph, serves as Chairperson of Board of Directors.

The amount was the second and final installment of grant funding from Taiwan totaling US$100,000 to the institute for financing its training programmes.

Joseph said he was aware of what was said about him by his critics regarding his acceptance of the cheque but will not respond to them right now because it was not the right time to do so.

“If you are asking me to respond to what has been said, I will respond at the appropriate time in the appropriate manner. Things that are dealt with from a political perspective, I will deal with from a political perspective, not from a government standpoint,” Joseph said.

He said his only involvement with CHTTi was to accept the cheque from the Taiwanese ambassador, something he did because he is the Minister of Economic Development and such presentations from the Taiwanese Embassy go through his Ministry.

“My only involvement has been as the Minister responsible for Economic Development to be the standing person whenever that happens,” Joseph said.

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  1. This is exactly why St. Lucia will remain a backward, underdeveloped country. You cannot be in any governmental capacity and hand money over to your wife in a parallel agency. In advanced countries this is called conflict-of-interest and is a punishable offence. About ten years ago, a government official in a developed country used an official vehicle to transport his wife to work and conduct errands. This government official was relived of his duties. To put it bluntly, he was brought up on charges and forced to resign. And here we are in St. Lucia Guy Joseph has handed a check to his wife. People we must challenge those crooks in our government. We must stop becoming too complacent and become more vigilant and demand accountability, honesty, integrity and transparency from all government officials. St. Lucia belongs to us all and not to those privileged few – the crooks.

  2. Unfortunately, it is not the first time that the names Joseph, Chastenet, and the question of public funds has arisen, reverse to January 2014…

    1. I agree with Gustave’s comments that there should be checks and balances to prevent even the appearance of a conflict of interest. However let’s refrain from labelling people.

  3. Hmmmm, Dr Ziggy’s preliminary diagnosis:
    REGRESSION in the service of the ID.
    Grab and go in the manner of ye ole Jolly Roger is in exclusive fashion……AGAIN! ……Yikes!

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