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Calypso, Soca Semifinalists Named

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THE semifinalists for this year’s Calypso and Groovy and Party Soca competitions were announced by the Events Company of St. Lucia Inc.

Following three quarterfinals held at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) last week where 37 calypsonians went before the judges, the following 18 calypsonians will make another appearance before the judges at the same venue this Sunday from 4:00 p.m. in their bid for a spot in Calypso Finals slated for Saturday, July 15.

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TOT Village leads the pack with seven semifinalists, followed by Ambassadors (6) and South (5).

The calypso semifinalists, in alphabetical order, are: Ashanti (Ambassadors Calypso Tent), Chocolate (TOT Village), Educator (Ambassadors Calypso Tent), Herb Black (TOT Village), Invader (TOT Village), Jn. Charles (South Calypso Tent), Journalist (South Calypso Tent), Lil Nick (TOT Village), Morgie (TOT Village), Nintus (South Calypso Tent), Oshun (South Calypso Tent), Pep (Ambassadors Calypso Tent), Ready (Ambassadors Calypso Tent), Solange (Ambassadors Calypso Tent), T-Blacks (South Calypso Tent), TC Brown (Ambassadors Calypso Tent), TiCarro (TOT Village), and Walleigh (TOT Village).

Meanwhile, following a registration process that ended last Friday, in which artistes were expected to submit recordings of their songs, the following artistes (20 for Groovy and 20 for Party Soca) earned places in the Groovy and Party Soca preliminaries slated for this Friday from 5:00 p.m. on the grounds of the National Cultural Centre. The finals of both competitions will be held on Sunday, July 16 (Carnival Sunday).

The artistes selected for the Groovy Monarch preliminaries are listed below, in alphabetical order: Ambi (“Just A Vibe”), Big C (“Victoria Secret”), Brandon Harding (“Perfect Stranger”), CJ (“Thickness”), Da Great White (“Whining Sanctuary”), D’Sean (“Boombastic”), Esteban (“Company”), General Bakes (“Can’t Complain”), Hollywood HP (“Unite”), Islah Man (“All In Me”), Kisha (“Low Key”), Mysterio (“Celebrate”), Nerdy and Shemmy J (“Bouncing”), Pepe (“Everyday”), Q-Pid (“Boss Lady”), Ricky T (“Sully”), Sedale (“Take Di Win”), Sergie (“I In Dat”), Siah (“Real Life”) and Versi-Style (“More Vibes”).

The artistes selected for the Party Soca preliminaries are listed below, in alphabetical order: Carlos Solomon (“By D Bar”), CJ (“Disorderly”), Crown “H2O”), Ezra (“Give Thanks”), Jiggy (“On Time”), Kisha (“Take Over D Road”), Mac 11 (“Bend Up Your Back”), Mantius (“Mad and Boujee”), Nerdy (“Rough”), Ninja Dan (“DohFraid”), Private 6 (“Fete Instigator”), Q-Pid (“Move”), Ricardo (“Soca Soldier”), Ricky T (“Drunkard”), Sedale (“We Really Bad”), Seebo “Demolition”), Siah (“Mad Again”), Subance (“Bad In Bum Bum”), TK Da Boss (“Super Duper”), and Top Cat (“Sway”).

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