What Is The CVQ?

THE Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) is an award that represents the achievement of a set of competences that define the core work practices of an occupational area consistent with the levels articulated within the regional qualifications framework. This award signifies that the candidate/trainee/person has demonstrated a level of achievement and competence measured against established industry criteria or standards. To earn the award, candidates must demonstrate competence in reaching CARICOM-approved occupational standards developed by practitioners and employers (i.e. the industry experts).

Some of the benefits of the CVQ are as follows:

It is a recognized qualification that facilitates the free movement of skilled people through the CARICOM region
Required by some organizations for licensing
It is accepted as an entry requirement of some learning institutions such as the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies
It provides a basis for articulation and accreditation
Is an alternative route to further/higher education
Complements and has parallel standing with academic qualifications
Provides enhanced employability and higher earning potential
Facilitates apprenticeship with actual work experience
Equips candidates with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for the workplace
Previous work experience and skills can count towards achieving the CVQ
Allows for continuity where a candidate can complete the CVQ at another centre/school/country if training is interrupted.

What do I require to be certified?
The CVQ is an inclusive system that allows anyone to join at any point or level once the individual demonstrates the level of knowledge, skills and attitude required for the particular level of the framework. The system facilitates the assessment of prior learning to match an individual’s competence with the appropriate CVQ level. The individual is required to demonstrate his/her competence in his/her skill area through the Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) appraisal process.

How can I access the CVQ/NVQ?
People or institutions interested in being CVQ-trained and certified or seeking this facility on behalf of their constituents may procure information about the CVQ from the TVET Unit in the Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development situated on the 3rd Floor Francis Compton Building Waterfront, Castries. The SLCTVET/TVET Unit does not engage in training in skills development but broker training and forms part of the TVET system, hence it can guide prospective candidates to institutions involved in training.

In addition, information may be received from the training institutions and programmes named above.

Alternatively, companies and business support organisations such as the St. Lucia Employers Federation or St. Lucia Allied Health Council may seek assessment of clients/employees from the SLCTVET. Private individuals may do the same as well. The SLCTVET will apply the Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) modality to assess and certify candidates through this route.

Training is available at the National Skills Development Centre (NSDC), Centre for Adult Renewal and Education (CARE), National Enrichment and Learning Unit (NELU), secondary schools, Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, private training providers, on the job. etc.

You can receive further information on the CVQ from the TVET Unit in the Ministry of Education, 3rd Floor, NIC Building, Waterfront, Castries.

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