‘I AM A QUEEN’ Campaign Launched

THE St. Lucia Talented Teen Organization, which functions under the umbrella of the Sarah Ivy Performing Arts Academy, was established for the purpose of developing youth talent, youth empowerment and community service.


The organization is focused on providing young women in St. Lucia with the tools necessary to be talented representatives and productive leaders locally and regionally. The belief that pageantry can serve as the foundation on which young women can achieve greatness where the reward should surpass winning the title, but also serve as a platform for self- development, is the concept behind the “I AM A QUEEN” campaign.

The “I AM A QUEEN” campaign was created with the notion that all women were created for excellence and aims to build self-esteem and confidence in our nation’s young women by helping them realize that they are all queens. The campaign will be publicized on social media with video clips of interviews by our “Queen” ambassadors and members of the public using the hashtag #IamaQueen.

This campaign is the kick-starter to the St. Lucia Talented Teen Organization’s promotional activities which culminate with the Haynes Smith Talented Teen Pageant at the end of the year.

Over the years there has been growing interests in pageantry and the organization believes that it is necessary to create the enabling environment to build a strong foundation for young women to compete on the local, regional and international stage. The crown is like a microphone, it can be used for a young woman to promote her interests and truly express herself.

Moreover, a teen pageant presents a unique opportunity for a young girl to not only show the world her light but develop her mind, spirit, talent and gain priceless confidence and self-assurance. The next phase of the journey will focus on a series of structured programmes to enrich and enhance the preparation aimed at providing the finest and best quality representation.

“Our young girls need to be empowered and lifted; they need positive outlets for self-expression and growth, which is exactly what we aim to do. It is our hope that with this campaign and our other activities we can achieve just that,” said the President of St. Lucia Talented Teen Organization.

Please follow the St. Lucia Talented Teen Organization’s Facebook page for more information on upcoming activities and also email [email protected].

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