Meltdown XD Presents ‘Epic: Dangerous Liaison’

PRESS RELEASE – MELTDOWN XD® Carnival Band is from Vieux Fort and is determined to display the capabilities of the persons from the south in producing beautifully rendered costumes and engaging presentations in this cultural festival of ours.


Most of the team is made up of some former mas camp members of the former St. Lucian Spirit Carnival Band. Staying true to what we’ve learnt from the band, we maintain that costumes are created, designed and crafted locally. Our theme for this year is “EPIC: Dangerous Liaison”, which is based on the romantic tragedy of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and the Roman general, Mark Antony.

We hope that you find us worthy enough to join us on the road for Carnival 2017 either in Vieux Fort or Castries. We also invite you to Vieux Fort Carnival launch on Saturday, June 3 at the Windward and Leeward Brewery (Piton) car park where all our costumes will be displayed from 5:00 p.m. onwards and our sixth and final section revealed. Tell a friend to tell a friend to get the word out.

We also invite you to come jump our Vieux Fort Line Jam in August. This year’s theme is VENDETTA!

Thank you for taking time out to check us out and we hope that our costumes are to your delight. Registration is now open and early bird specials apply right now. You can find us on Facebook for further details.

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