Hot Springs Baths To Be Restored

Image of the Sulphur Springs

PRESS RELEASE – THE Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF) is seeking to expand and diversify visitor experience at the Sulphur Springs Park. The SRDF, recognizing the superlative value that the tourist attraction presents, has strategically maximized every opportunity to highlight the natural wonder.

The restoration of the King Louis Baths at the site has become the organization’s latest key project.

The King Louis hot spring bath pools were constructed by Baron-de-Laborie, the French Governor of St. Lucia in 1784. The units were built for the monarch’s infantry after an analysis of the waters at Sulphur Springs revealed a striking similarity with waters of the famed French spas.

The baths were subsequently covered through land erosion and land mining in 1789.

The SRDF is seeking to resuscitate these baths to create an appealing new experience for visitors of the Sulphur Springs Park.

According to Corporate Administration and Communications Manager, Lester Cazaubon, “The baths create a touch point that ties us back to the French influence in our history through architectural ingenuity.”

Said Peter Lansiquot (contracted excavator and resident of Sulphur Springs): “It is amazing that the valves of the baths are still operational after being buried for 42 years.”

“The SRDF continues to ensure that there is an eruption of benefits at the Sulphur Springs Park”, said the Executive Director of the SRDF, Jimmy Haynes.

Additionally, two “Black Water” pools and nature trail will be constructed as part of project deliverables for the site.

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