West Tech Shipping Officially Launched

Image of the staff at West Tech Shipping

A NEW shipping company has sailed onto the scene and after steadily building up business momentum for one year, they have now made their mark with the cheapest air shipping rates in St. Lucia.

Image of the staff at West Tech Shipping
The staff at West Tech Shipping

West Tech Shipping hosted their official launch on Tuesday morning at their Rodney Bay headquarters.

The shipping company is a branch of the six year old West Technology Group and although it has been in operation for one year, the first year anniversary was used to recognise the company’s official opening.

Danica Louis who is the Office Manager has worked with the group since inception, gave a brief history of the business which has its roots firmly planted in the IT industry.

West Tech Shipping began as a small company which involved the shipping in of goods for their IT customers, as well as the making of product recommendations, which when approved, would be purchased, shipped to St. Lucia, cleared and brought in to store for the customers’ full convenience.

The company decided to go a step further a year ago however; by deciding to allow customers to make their own purchases, leaving West Tech to handle the clearing and transportation.

Louis said: “There were and still are many players in this field, as you may know, but we found it was fitting for us for the following reasons: We already did it for our IT customers so why not make that service available to all other customers within St. Lucia who would make their own purchases and use us for shipping. Also when necessary, we could use our car, make the purchases on their behalf and ship with us.”

She continued: “Another key thing is that we own our location in the U.S. whereas many of our competitors don’t own their own location. Most of them use a third party entity that would handle all their shipping needs up there, but for us, it has enabled us to take special requests from customers in that of consolidation which a lot of our key competitors don’t do.”

There are now three business locations island wide which include, Rodney Bay, Castries and Vieux Fort. The company also owns their warehouse in Florida.

Louis concluded by thanking loyal customers for choosing them and ensured that excellent customer service was their number one priority. She was proud to state that the team has worked arduously to ensure that level of excellence.

West Tech offers five shipments per week, four by air and one by sea.

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  1. One too many copycat businesses here.
    Who will be the next idiot to imitate the already 24+ existing shippers?

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