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SLHTA Negotiates Insurance for Hospitality Workers

IN an unprecedented move to deliver the best group medical insurance coverage for hospitality industry workers, the SLHTA has announced a strategic alliance with local insurance broker Sterling Insurance Services (St. Lucia) Ltd.

The alliance which was forged last month came into full effect on Wednesday, with the introduction of a new SLHTA group health insurance plan being offered exclusively to employees of SLHTA member companies.

Image of SLHTA Chief Executive Officer Noorani Azeez
SLHTA Chief Executive Officer Noorani Azeez

SLHTA Chief Executive Officer Noorani Azeez explained that the new plan was designed around a keen consideration of which medical insurance benefits are in the best interest of our industry employees and built according to their demands.

The SLHTA now offers members access to health and medical insurance with the best schedule of benefits covering vision, dental and other medical care including but not limited to Private Duty Nursing Care, Hospital Room and Board, Prescribed Drug Benefits, Diagnostic (X-ray & Lab) benefits, Psychiatric Services (Out of Hospital), Physiotherapy Benefits, Chiropractic Benefits, Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy, Airfare and Emergency Air Ambulance, Congenital Birth Defects, AIDS/AIDS related Illnesses and Preventative Care Benefits.

“Our team members are our greatest allies in growing our industry,” said Azeez, “it is therefore an imperative that our Association negotiates the absolute best medical insurance access for our member employees and their families. Our group medical insurance plan must therefore be second to none. Our tourism industry workers work very hard to deliver our promise of the best vacation ever for our guests. They therefore, deserve the very best group medical insurance coverage we can provide. The SLHTA believes that we now provide exactly that.”

At the heart of the strategic partnership is a commitment to continuous improvement of the plan over the coming months. The SLHTA has committed to continue monitoring the pulse of industry workers and expand the plan to meet their growing needs.

Azeez added: “The coverage is being offered exclusively to SLHTA members because collectively we can leverage the strength of numbers to negotiate the best benefits. Our goal is to double the number of persons on the plan by the end of this year, thereby exceeding 2000 workers and beneficiaries.”

Mrs. Diane Smith, Director of Sterling Insurances (St. Lucia) Ltd., commenting on the contribution of her company to the partnership stated: “We understand the importance of this plan not only to the SLHTA but to the individual employees and we want to ensure that integral in the implementation process is the education of the employees on the operation and benefits of the plan. In these challenging economic times a Health Plan is worth more than just the cost of the premium. It is important to strike a balance between the need for better coverage and the affordability of the premium.”

The new plan is insured by The Beacon Insurance which will soon introduce a cutting edge technological platform allowing SLHTA members the opportunity to monitor and track the status of their claims via a secure on-line portal.

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