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I See Conveniently Blind People

I have a question to ask: When are the people who oppose the government’s dolphin adventure proposal, just for the sake of being politically mischievous, actually going to stop pretending that the previous government didn’t approve of the same thing in 2013?

See, you guys think you’re slick, huh?! Thought that one would just slide under the carpet and no one would notice?!

The nation has been in uproar ever since word leaked out that the UWP government was in talks with the Mexican investors over the proposed Swim with the Dolphins experience — and rightly so.

Heck, this proposal caused such a stir that even the elite 1% usually perched on the pedestals watching the peasants bicker among themselves climbed down to earth to let their voices be heard on the matter with strict opposition.

Even Captain Planet showed up well, technically, the cartoon superhero’s creator did, but Nevertheless, you get the picture that I’m painting right? It is an abomination and St. Lucians want no part of it.

I cannot ever remember seeing such vehement opposition to anything proposed by any government in the past and I must say the opposition is music to my ears and heart and shows that St. Lucians are beginning to realize their strength in numbers and unity.

But let’s rewind to a week ago when the SLP government’s Cabinet Conclusion, case number 378(a) Sub-Committee for the Proposed Dolphin Park Project, stated that “Cabinet agreed in principle to the project to be located in AnseJambette in Canaries…”

Have the people taken moo-moo pills regarding this information? Come on, people, the silence is deafening!

No one has anything to say about the fact that the previous government was considering to lease part of the Queen’s Chain and also to hand ownership of the adjoining lands in said area to introduce this travesty upon our lands, right under our noses?

Where is the uproar over that? Where are the principles? I mean, call me a bleeding heart, but the idea of anything that involves keeping animals such as dolphins captive is beyond evil and this idea should have, been and should always be, inconceivable. Yet, because of party affiliation and preference, people are willing to crucify one party and give a free pass to another for the same crime.

And, no, that was no biblical reference, because the people involved in both these cases are anything but godly. This is exactly why I cannot see myself having any kind of political preference because red, yellow, green or brown, they are all the same, and that’s not a good thing because none of these people have the interest of St. Lucia and St. Lucians at heart but seem blinded by greed and power.

Even worse than them are their followers who are blinded by colour; they bask in that longstanding tradition of colour-blindness and have no plans on changing or waking up.

That 2013 Cabinet Conclusion has struck me as something that is even more deadly than the recent one because it was such a secretive affair that the Minister at the time responsible for Sustainable Development did not even know that was going down or so the story goes.

He ended up with egg on his face after he made a public statement denouncing the new proposal and stated that his government would never have engaged in such an idea, only to turn around and admit he was wrong.

So, tell me, who agreed to this back then? Why was it done and kept so quiet? Who was involved? Why wasn’t the public made aware of this?

Like my mother says all the time, “Give Jack his jacket, and Larry his jarry!” If this truly means something to you, stand up and let your voice be heard, but by all means hold the previous party accountable for what they planned on doing.

Don’t sit on your laurels and say that it’s in the past and there’s nothing that can be done about it now. The fact remains that these people are sitting in opposition just waiting for their chance to get back in power, the very same people who sneakily approved to sell our land and to land our name and reputation in a category of countries that we have no business being a part of.

I don’t care that the locations were different; regardless of location, they both served the same purpose and we cannot allow this.

Moreover, this should serve as an eye-opener to show that the previous government was fully capable of committing such atrocities right under our noses and by the time we found out, it would have been too late to do anything about it.

This should be the wake-up kick (not call) that will cause us all to be wary of all the politicians who claim to be more patriotic, with country in mind first.

Our country is ours and we should not allow anyone to do with it what they see fit to fill their bank account. I really wish that you people would get that already. Sigh.

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