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SALCC Gets Transition Advice from Expert

Image: SALCC students show appreciation for the invited drummers at this year’s “Meet The Artiste” session. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

A tertiary education expert is advising the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College on its transition to a university.

As the College continues its transformation it is also working on improving its organizational, technological and physical infrastructure, a statement from the College said.

It said one very important component of the university college’s success will be community engagement, adding: “Developing and nurturing relationships with businesses and the professions provide the input and guidance for designing and ensuring an understanding of the nature of education and training needs for a knowledge-based society.”

To this end, the college has engaged the services of Dr. Jamil Salmi, a global tertiary education expert on excellence in higher education, who arrived here on yesterday and laws tomorrow.

Dr.Salmi advises governments and university leaders throughout the world on system-wide tertiary education reforms, including vision for the future and national development strategies, excellence initiatives, governance, financial sustainability, quality assurance, institutional differentiation, system articulation, equity promotion and change management strategies.

He also provides advice on benchmarking, strategic planning and capacity building for establishing world-class universities; and delivers leadership and strategic planning training for higher education leaders and officials.

The SALCC said the success of the university college is imperative for the long-term growth and development of Saint Lucia. Discussions with internal and external stakeholders will be taken into consideration as a new strategy is created for this institution.

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