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Protestors Say: ‘Raymond Must Go’

Image of protestors

THE Ubaldus Raymond scandal simply refuses to go away, weeks after it appeared to have petered out both in public reaction and on social media.

Image of protestors

This group, seen here attired in white t-shirts and holding up 8×10 paper posters depicting their views about the scandal and the Minister’s role in it, surprised many Tuesday morning when they appeared across the street from parliament building in downtown Castries to protest Raymond’s continued presence in the government.

They claimed that he is unfit to continue in the post of Finance Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister due to his alleged involvement with an 18 year old and the fact that naked pictures purporting to be him, which he has yet to deny, are on social media.

The group timed their presence to coincide with Tuesday’s meeting of the Senate of which Raymond is the Leader of Government Business.

The 18-year-old is scheduled to appear before a judge on April 7 to answer to a case of blackmail against the Minister.


  1. The moral triumphs and failures of leaders carry a greater weight and volume than those of non leaders. Ethics is fundamental to leadership. Ethics is about human relationships, what we should do and what we should be as Human Beings. It is about right and wrong and good and evil. Leadership is a particular type of human relationship. Some characteristics of this relationship are power, influence, vision, obligation, and responsibility. Because some of the central issues in ethics are also central issues of leadership, understanding the ethics of relationships allows for better understanding of leadership. Our leaders need to be held accountable for their actions. Any instance of misdeed must be met with swift, certain and severe punishment. Morals such as Justice, self discipline, duty, competence, obligation to the citizenry, and respect must prevail in all circumstances. The demonstrators have a valid point.

    1. Yes I agree. Raymond has got to go. He is an insult to our country and he has thrown all caution to the wind as far as integrity is concerned. The eyes of the rest of the world is watching and we should not settle for pappyshow if we hope ro push this country forward. Apparently he thinks he is immune to reprimand. By drawing the victim card he thinks he is exonerated from wrongdoing. He seems to be quite cocky about it too. If he truly had any integrity at all he would graciously step down. He is irresponsible, a flaw that does not befit his position. Therefore he needs to go!

      1. Khayti,
        You have a clear thinking. I hope you behave and act in real life with the same clarity and success.

  2. Khayti, thank you for your reply. Your point about the rest of the world watching us is so important. It is incumbent upon the Prime minister to discipline his staff. Let us not forget how our police department is viewed internationally.

    1. Cuthbert,
      The world is not only watching what 3rd world countries do but also they cut aid, refuse business and many, many more retaliations.
      Expect worse and worse times ahead for bottom nations!

  3. Michael Flynn was fired as National Security adviser by President Donald Trump because he did not speak the truth.

  4. All your views here are correct. To prevail, you must organize yourselves better.

    There is no smoke without fire and we may not know all the facts not even after the Judge’s verdict.

    To young girls hypnotized by political power I say this: do not to go with the sharks because all what the sharks do is bite and kill.

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