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FOOD security is important to every nation. This is why the agricultural and commercial sectors often work together to ensure that we are fed. An ailing Banana Industry and high import bills throughout the Island Neighbours have forced government to reconsider our priorities as millions of dollars are being spent on this sector.

Image of Mount Pelée, Martinique
Mount Pelée, Martinique

Supermarkets play a major role in the provision of adequate food to the populace. This week, we will examine the major contributions to the food sector in our French neighbours – the retail and wholesale outlets. In Guadeloupe, there are merely 16 companies which are major players in the provision of food products. These companies are divided into groups; retailers and wholesalers. There are two companies which generally provide supplies to all retailers on the island – PrimisteresReynoird and SAS Hyper Destrellan. These two companies are responsible and own a number of smaller retail stores including the largest supermarket in Guadeloupe – Hypermarket. Additionally, these two companies are affiliated with smaller wholesales such as Ecomax and LP Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe also has a number of independent wholesalers, that is, those who do not own or operate any retail outlets. These include Sogedial and SodialNuoy.

In Martinique, there are five companies which generally deal with the imports of food products. Sogedial Martinique is the largest. This wholesaler serves as the leading supplier for hypermarkets Continent and Euromarche, hotels and restaurants in Martinique. Have you been to any of these wholesale places or supermarkets? Tell us about your experience on facebook: Island Neighbours.

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Neighbourly GetAways
It’s good to start of the year with some enjoyable physical activity. We recommend a hike on the Mount Pelée trial. Experience a picturesque view of Fort de France as you complete your four-hour hike to the volcano’s summit. Take a partner with you for this extra special experience. For a delicious, creole treat, Caribbean style, try L’eddy’sPapillon in Bouillante, Guadeloupe. Patrons exclaimed impeccable service and delicious yet reasonably priced meals. You can organize your wedding right there on the water’s edge.

Let’s go Shopping!
Calling all shopaholics! Shopping is not always about uplifting one’s appearance. Very often, it is about satisfying cravings and enjoying scrumptious treats. Martinique offers the best in scrumptious dairy treats – yogurts. These are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of flavours. They can be bought as singles or in wholesale packages at any of Martinique’s major supermarkets; Le Lamentin, Sogedial and Rene Lancry S.A. Live a little! Eat a little!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Wholesaler – grossiste
Retailer – détaillant, commerçant
Supermarket – supermarché
Customers – client, consommateur; individu, type
Goods and Services – Produitset services
Dairy products – production laitière

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