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Nurturing The Spirit

By Dr. Lyndell St. Ville- ICT Consultant

THERE is a particular danger that we face, which is the staunch right to be proved right about something that we may disagree with. it is even worse when we claim that the disagreeable action is poorly-timed, ill-advised, or just plain impossible. It is seductively easy to take an opposing stance in such circumstances. Recently, a friend and I were attempting to load a bulky table into the boot space of a vehicle. It was proving difficult and she eventually declared that the table would not fit, and further, she decided it was impossible. Truly, it seemed hopeless but we had not yet exhausted all possible ways of making that table fit.

Although it was an annoyance to have the mission preemptively declared as impossible, it was disheartening to observe the overt disinterest and disengagement that almost ended further attempts. Fortunately, a career spent devising creative solutions to ICT problems is helpful in overcoming formidable challenges and obviously-difficult obstacles. After some coaxing and redoubled efforts, the table eventually managed to fit inside the vehicle. The solution was to first remove the legs, adjust the seats, and finally reorient the bulky table. The result was like a work of art! There probably wasn’t another way that the table could have been made to fit!

With the growing list of difficult challenges facing us each day, we might need a new mindset of optimism to surround us. Perhaps you may recognize some of the following:

* Improperly managed institutions delivering sub-standard service;
* Representation by dishonest, incompetent, or morally bankrupt leaders;
* Rushed or poorly considered actions being taken with impunity;
* Vehement campaigns of negativity from embittered opponents;
* Persistently ignored financial, social, and environmental problems.

We may use computers to help lighten our workload, but shouldn’t we face our problems with courage and be draped in the robes of the resolute? Consider this: if you declare a problem impossible and do nothing to overcome it, you will have predicted correctly. Alternatively, if you commit to finding a solution and refuse to be deterred, you will eventually be proved correct. As we approach our Independence Day, let us revive the indomitable spirit of our formerly-enslaved ancestors who struggled for their very freedom. We could declare our problems solvable, and then work to achieve that reality.

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About the Author
Dr.Lyndell St. Ville is an ICT Consultant based in Saint Lucia. His expertise includes systems analysis, design, and capacity building.

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