At Last, a Home for St. Lucian


THERE is good news for book lovers, and in particular those who love local authors. Right in the heart of the commercial centre of the City of Castries, inside the Central Library is a venture managed by two women that caters to the appetite of those seeking local authors.

“We have no bookstores where someone can go to get a book from a St. Lucian author since the closure of Sunshine Bookstore. All other book stores here cater strictly for school-goers. We are trying to bridge that gap whereby St. Lucian authors can now have a place where their work could be seen and purchased,” said Dawn French and Dahlia Francois, the two women behind the initiative.

They are in partnership with the Central Library in bringing to public attention home grown literature on all writing genres written by heavy weights in the writing business as well as those just starting out.

“We are trying to get all publications written by a St. Lucian showcased here. It’s an open call to St. Lucian writers. There is a demand for local authors by the public,” the women said, underscoring this by stating that people have come and purchased books from them with hundreds of dollars.

“There is a market in St. Lucia for the written word,” the women said.

French and Francois are open to accepting any and everything published by St. Lucians and would like those who have published in the past to reprint.

“There is no age limit, there is no topic limit,” they said in regard of local writers. On display in their corner of the library are printed literature from Nobel Laureates from range of writers to Primary School children, all side by side.
Jabari Walcott the man managing the business at the library, applauds the initiative. He says it has generated a lot of interest amongst visitors to the library and others who have heard of the new outlet.

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