Want To Study In Mexico?

University of Quintana Roo Seeks Students.

WITH higher learning becoming increasingly important on the way up the corporate ladder, a Mexican university seems poised to capitalize on providing the education needed to succeed.

The University of Quintana Roo, a public university, says it is offering students affordable rates to Saint Lucian students wishing to attain world-class academics.

Director-General of Academic Affairs, Dr. Lorena CareagaViliesid, says 25-year-old University of Quintana Roo ranks among Mexico’s top 30 universities and offers a wide range of programmes which are approved by Mexico’s top educational institutions, including the Ministry of Public Education.

Programmes include medicine, pharmacy, nursing, environmental engineering, energy systems engineering, network engineering, natural resources management, planning, mathematics, environmental education, electronics, geography, government and public management, humanities, English Language, international relations, and social sciences, law, applied anthropology, tourism studies, to name a few.

“Our academic programmes are also certified by a number of national and international councils,” Dr.Careaga said at a press conference at the Mexican Embassy recently. “All of our Master’s and Ph.D. programmes are also quality-controlled and belong to the National Register of Quality Graduate Programmes.”

With the aid of a PowerPoint presentation, Dr.Careaga explained the geographical layout of the university’s various complexes at which students could enroll and gave those present more information on enrolment.

Dr.Careaga said Mexico has over 2,500 institutions for higher learning, the most important one being the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with which University of Quintana Roo has several ongoing projects.

She said the university, which has campuses in Chetumal, Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, has the largest faculty in Quintana Roo State and is the best qualified with 180 professors, 88 of whom have Ph.Ds. she encourages Saint Lucians to consider the University of Quintana Roo among their academic choices.

“There is a worldwide tendency in higher education for internationalization. That means, of course, mobility, exchange of students and professors and studying other languages,” Dr.Careaga said.

Third Secretary at the Embassy of Mexico in Saint Lucia, Maite Narvaez Abad, said officials from University of Quintana Roo were in Saint Lucia recently as principal partners of the Mexican Embassy in developing several projects in academic cooperation.

“Recently, we have developed a very rich and fruitful agenda by starting the processes to create alliances with the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, the University of the West Indies and the St. Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association (SLHTA), as well as the OECS Commission,” Narvaez said.

As part of those alliances, Saint Lucian educational and tourism-related institutions will benefit from training in the Spanish language, thereby fostering deeper lingual ties between the two countries. The aim is to have a standardized programme of teaching Spanish in Saint Lucian schools. Narvaez said Mexico will also have some of its medical students do their practical in local hospitals.

The University of Quintana Roo’s first semester starts in August.

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