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If I was asked to suggest two words to guide the leadership, candidates and supporters during this election cycle, my choice would be “STAND FIRM”. It’s important for those who wish to change the government to be determined and to stand firm.

The SLP will do anything to hold on to power. They will lie, cheat, steal votes, pay corrupt officials, attempt to buy UWP supporters, plant spies and false information wherever they can, threaten the media and may even kill in their desperation to win the elections. I am consoled by one thing and one only: There are Saint Lucians who are more determined to see the backs of the SLP and their type come the next general elections.

–Peter Josie.


  1. To the Security Apparatus of St Lucia:
    This confirms that Peter Josie is an avowed ANARCHIST!
    His lifelong Psychotic Classification must not preclude his immediate interment, if not Napoleonic EXILE- on behalf of the stability of the state.

  2. Poor Jab Mr. Sour Louser. Never got over Dr. Kenny D. Anthony taking over the Leadership of the SLP decades ago.

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