THE 2016 SCHOOLS CALYPSO Competition will be held next Friday at the National Cultural Center. Starting time is 10:00 a.m.

The calypsonians will be backed by “Take That All Stars”. Guest artistes will include the reigning Groovy Monarch Arthur Allain, Ezra D’Funmachine” Augustine, and many more.

Reigning champions Ave Maria Primary and George Charles Secondary will put their titles on the line against a formidable line up of talented calypsonians.

The contestants and the tunes they will sing are as follows: Primary Schools contestants—Prince Belizaire(Mighty Prince) — Gros Islet Primary, “Rape is aserious crime”; Ethan Hazell(Mighty Fano)—Tapion Private School, “Come together as one”; Choral Minvielle(Jazzy)—Anse la Raye, “Song of the hungry man”; Kishana Smith (Baby K)—Dame PearletteLouisy Primary, “Respect Life”; Shaquil Flavius (The Mighty Shaq)—Balata Primary, “Outside”; Simon Emmanuel –Marchand Combined), “Under the surface”; AlensPlante (Confabulator)—R.C. Boys Primary, “Suicides”; ShakiraEudovic(La Guerre Primary), “School of Hard Knocks”; Immanuel Francis (Calypso Baby)—Anglican Primary, “Set an example” and Harmonie William (Chantwelle)—Ave Maria Primary, “Rushing”.

The Secondary Schopol contestants are: Michael Joseph (Mighty J)—Corinth, “Big Buly”; DeshawnAugustin(Deshawn)—AnseGer, “Give me my crown”; Brandon Philgence(Mighty Sizzler)—St Mary’s College, “De question begs”; Aver Alcindor (Princess Rudy)—Entrepot, “I love my country”; Jade Volney(Jayden)—Babonneau, “Discriminating yuttes from de ghetto”; Davia Joseph (Patatat)-Choiseul, “Dwa”; AnellaTota-Grand Riviere, “Spinning in mud”; Kyla Sam (Kyla)—Leon Hess, “Love Everyone”; Shaon Charles (Mighty Shay)—Sir Ira Simmons, “Bread” and Ashley Jules (Bling)—George Charles, “Keys”

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