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What Was Our P.M. Thinking?

In the British Parliamentary system from which our constitution and politics is copied, a high degree of respect is paid to a former Prime Minister. It is expected that when he or she speaks Britain would take note and perhaps act accordingly. Is this too much to expect of former Prime Ministers in the Caribbean? This was the thought that swirled through my mind when I saw Kenny Anthony in his role as leader of the opposition lambasting the former UWP government of St. Lucia for its tardiness (after two years), in completing the reconstruction of St. Jude hospital in Vieux Fort after that unfortunate fire.

It stands to reason that when that same former Prime Minister (and leader of the opposition) was returned to office in 2011, the completion of St. Jude hospital would have been the first item on his ‘to do’ list. The speedy completion of the work at St. Jude would have returned the George Odlum stadium at Vieux Fort to its full use by the youth of Vieux Fort and St. Lucia – a happy co-incidence.

Unfortunately, Prime Minister Kenny Anthony has proven once again that he is nothing but hot air a fluff, nothing of substance! A deceitful person who lies and deceives for political gain shall be his legacy. There is not an ounce of truth in that man. When will St. Jude be completed and at what cost, is anyone’s guess.

These thoughts came to mind when I viewed a recent video by Dr. Mondesir’s campaign, for the Vieux Fort seat. The people of Vieux Fort can no longer trust lying Kenny and his Labour gang. In addition to St. Jude there is Hewanorra Airport, at Vieux Fort, which the UWP had a plan to develop.

I strongly suggest that the Allen Chastanet government set up a full enquiry headed by a retired judge, and including an accountant and an engineer to investigate the issues which resulted in the St. Jude reconstruction and repairs escalating from $30 million to a projected $130 million for completion.

The people of Vieux Fort are convinced that good will overcome evil no matter how many sixes Satan covers himself. It is time the people of Vieux Fort vote a real doctor in Parliament to fix-up St. Jude and to build a modern air terminal at Hewanorra airport and to build the southern marina John Compton had envisioned.

–Peter Josie


  1. Josie is Bonkos
    You are a BUSY viper in vesper camo these days. June 6th has opened your underground lair.
    Do recall oh slithery serpentine that June 6th was the total deployment of the good forces against the NAZI fortress- immortalized by hollywood as THE LONGEST DAY.
    Oh yeah GOEBBELS wannabe- get your personal exit pellet ready for autonomous munching- as we breach your bunkers.

  2. The difference between your BORN with a silver spoon Massa and our SLP seasoned veterans of the global economic turmoil is this
    they shall continue to fight for us
    are drooling copiously for any chance of RAIDING our meager coffers.

  3. But Peter if the PM is fluff what does that say about you? Remember he is the one who put you out of business!

  4. Short answer: Short term.
    Limitations of short-term thinking continues to characterizes the litany of egregious financial and related national decision-making blunders over an entire political career. One hopeless mess following yet another, from Roachasmell to the CIP-Ju-folly.
    Days before an election, an uncoordinated concatenation of egregious patently ridiculous and empty promises continue to be converted into useless falsehoods called press releases. One is forced to wonder how many such excursions into buffoonery will the electorate have to endure before the closings of the various ballot boxes and voting booths?

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