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P.M.’s Best Not Good Enough

Anyone who experienced the UWP’s meeting on Thursday evening, whether in person or over the telly, would have seen a party that is fully ready and waiting to take over the governance of this country and bring much needed grace and refreshment to the people of St Lucia. I have heard from many who, like me, were visibly impressed and excited by the party’s appearance and conduct. What a relief from the SLP.

As the meeting (The People’s Parliament) on the Boulevard progressed, it brought home to me the soundness, indeed the necessity, for party leader Alan Chastanet’s first call of duty, which he started years ago, to organize and clean up the party, and in fact transform it to a strong, unified body. It took a committed, bold leader to stand up to the mepwi and false charges. But Chastanet sure knew what he was doing and carried on unperturbed. Without fanfare, he stood his ground and quietly restructured, organized and disciplined his party, and with his team, established his party policies. I believe he must have known, human nature being what it is, that there would be those who would envy him and could never bring themselves to accept the restructuring and reorganization and would never subject themselves to the necessary order and discipline which had to be part of the process, but he also knew that if he did not give in, he would, in the end, have a harmonized, empowered party. And it definitely showed on Thursday evening.

We applaud you, Mr Chastanet. And we want you to do the same for the country. There are a lot of hardworking, disciplined, decent people from Gros Islet to Vieux-Fort who want you to lead St Lucia in the right direction. We know you will be open with us and communicate with us. To survive, St Lucia needs a whole different MO than the Kenny MO. St Lucians, never doubt the organizational skills of Alan Chastanet. I am more than ready for him to get into office and clean up the SLP administration’s acknowledged mess. If clear thinking St Lucians know what’s good for them, they’ll quietly vote him in. We know he’ll have his work cut out for him, but it’s clear that he and his team of four solid women (never was there a better combination of sisters) and twelve competent men are well up to the task and eager to put their stamp on St Lucia with the objective of building a new St Lucia. I can’t wait! Ring the bell, Kenny.

By contrast, I watched the SLP’s La Clery launch. What a circus! The usual antics and bellowing were so off-putting. And the meeting was mepwi from beginning to end. There was the usual coarseness, and the jaded appearances of the candidates, even as they tried hard to muster enthusiasm.

St Lucians, please look into the two faces – the uninspiring, deceiving face of Kenny D Anthony and the sincere, fresh, yes, baby face, of Alan Chastanet. You’ll easily see that the choice is clear. Listen to their deliveries. Watch their respective mannerisms. Observe the way each conducts himself! The choice is pellucidly clear. St Lucia deserves better than what we have now and have had for nearly five disturbing years, with scandal after scandal. We deserve better, much better than Kenny D Anthony and his administration, with the welcome exception of Mr Fletcher. We are so thankful that Mr Alan Chastanet has stepped forward to rescue this country before we end up in Hell.

The writing is on the wall and it’s an exciting time. We have seen Kenny Anthony’s best – and his best is just nowhere good enough! I’m betting on Alan as our next P.M. To experience that, the party faithful have to make sure they come out and vote; Independents, seeing the chaos that is going on in their country, have to choose UWP; and even Labour supporters who have suffered and are suffering from Kenny’s misguided and failed policies must decide to vote Alan Chastanet into office for their own future. Like you, I cannot wait. Ring the bell, Kenny!

–Jane Plante

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  1. Most white collar,
    bank embezzlers
    are highly organized ,
    smoother than polished CHROME-
    ask the UWP money baggers!

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