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No Flow In FLOW

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

FLOW is really not flowing. In fact many are complaining that they are slowing. I sure hope that Flow has a social media manager to gather and analyze all the complaints being made about their services.

Granted that his week, I got a call from a telemarketer undertaking some telephone survey on behalf of the company. They wanted to know a whole load of things so I let them have it. I told them that the data plans were too expensive. They would implement increases without notice. Yesterday you did a one day data plan and you were charged $2. Next day you use the same code and it no longer works. So as resourceful as you are, you try another code only to know that the data plan is now $2.99 with 25 mb more of data, a compensated increase but I felt they were really digging into the malayway’s pocket.

Then the internet service has slowed and there is a lot of inconsistency and fluctuations in its delivery. At the end of the month you have to pay the same amount. How much are we paying for that now? Then there is the cable. Tell me that I am not the only on experiencing the jolts in reception. The channels are just zapping at you. Then there are discrepancies in your balance, both landline and mobile. You try to make a call or try to do another data plan only to know you do not have sufficient credit and you know that just can be. You topped up only yesterday and you have not made calls to use up your balance. Then now that the two companies have merged they want to use the misdeed you had with one company against you .

So they use my respected friend as the poster boy for their campaigns. His eyes are popping in surprise or is that disbelief? Given what I have experienced lately, I think it’s the latter. I am sorry Bro, if you are going to endorse a company and have them use your respected image, don’t let them tarnish it with poor and exorbitantly-priced services. There are many times when companies pull back their sponsorship of certain celebrities who have erred. I think it’s time we flipped the coin. Can’t be just about the money.

See, I just did a plan so I can email this article. They tell me the service is not available but they have deducted my $2.99. Lawd have mercy.


  1. sad to say but people have only one alternative, to cancel all services. Only when Flow have for 1 or more month no revenue then this monopoly system will go down on the knee and give the customers a fair deal and service.

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