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Just want to let Messrs Prescod and Theobalds know how much many of us appreciate their contributions to the readership of THE VOICE. The gentlemen are informative, analytical and enlightening. They are obviously as distressed as the rest of us decent-minded thinkers are about the state of affairs in the land of our birth, whether we hail from the ghetto, Cap Estate, any one of the 17 constituencies, whether we support red or yellow, are female or male, young or old, employers or employees, government workers or private enterprise and self-employed workers.

Please keep the discussion going and us stimulated.

–Nahdjla Bailey


  1. “From Cap ESTATE to the Constituencies”
    For one who prides herself in semantics, lexicon etc. please REVIEW THE GLARING Socio Economic BIAS in your faux pas?
    We know who you truly represent – miss Thing!

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