Martinique Salace Memorial.
Martinique Salace Memorial.

POLITICS exists in all aspects of life and we have come to accept that anarchy and peace are very dependent on the political entities of the day. Whether we want to accept it or not, we have become very dependent on party politics to inspire our future and direct our affairs as nations.

Many men and women from different walks of life have been called to this selfless profession in service of community and country. Few of these emerged as what is hailed as independent candidates, while many others attached themselves to political parties.

In Saint Lucia, The United Workers Party and the St. Lucia Labour Party remain the two main political parties with little “competition” given from emerging entities like LPM and the Green Party. Like Saint Lucia, Dominica has two main political parties: Dominica Labour Party and the United Workers’ Party. Minority parties include the Dominica Freedom Party, The Dominica Progressive Party and the People’s Democratic Movement.

Although they are outside the independence circles, Martinique and Guadeloupe mirror what happens in the other Island Neighbours. The Martinican Independence Movement, Martinican Progressive Party and the Martinican Communist Movement are political entities which are active in Martinique. Like Martinique, Guadeloupe as a department of France, has a number of political parties. These include the Guadeloupe Communist Party and the Guadeloupean Objective.
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In times when we reflect on the political history of our islands, we need to remember those who influenced our lives today. We need to remember where we came from and the sacrifices made by many on this journey. We need to visit places dedicated to the memories of these persons.
In Martinique, the AnseCafardMemorial is one of the places dedicated to slaves who lost their lives tragically in a 1830s boating accident. The monument was designed by a local artist and represents one of the greatest tributes to the victims of the slave trade. Bring along a camera and take some photos to record history.

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Historical note! Did you know that the general council of Martinique is made up of 45 seats? Getto know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Le Politique-the Politician
Polling station – bureau de vote
voter – electeur
Right to vote – droit de vote
Constituency – circonscription
Candidate – candidat
To elect– elire
Campaign promises – promesses électoral
Electoral Campaign – campagne électorale
Re-election – reélection
Election fraud – fraude électorale
Voting age – age légal pour vote
By-election – Élection partielle

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