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OKAY … we’re known for the sun, sea and sand in the Caribbean, our exquisite cuisine, our unique sense of fashion, our rhythmic tones and our incessant brush with sporting greats. Amidst this bouyon of taste, rhythm and colour, lives a vibrant underwater world which captures the innocence of creation.

Marine life in the Caribbean has been known to stir up much debate in conservation and tourist spheres. This is so because some of the most breath-taking places in our little spaces are untouched by modernity but brutally harassed by man. Among these is the Grande Anse Marine Reserve in St. Lucia which constantly battles the desires of sand-miners and poachers while accommodating the large Leatherback Turtle during the months of March to August every year.

Such activity is somewhat curtailed in Dominica where the Dominica Sea Turtle Conservation Organization and the Rosalie Sea Turtle Initiative remain champions in the fight to save these precious marine resources. To win this battle, much is done to ensure that sea turtles are conserved through turtle watching tours through community efforts at the Rosalie Beach in Dominica. While less emphasis is placed on turtle conservation through turtle watching in Martinique, marine turtles do visit the island during the nesting season.

Other marine resources such as coral are seen as very important as Martinique and Guadeloupe are known to have some of the most diverse and beautiful underwater sites in the Island Neighbours.

Have you ever been snorkelling, diving, turtle watching in any of the Island Neighbours. Tell us your story on facebook: Island Neighbours.

Plunge into a champagne of bubbles as you explore one of Dominica’s most renowned sites – The Champagne Reef. Known for its endless supply of bubbles, this site offers an abundance of marine life and is perfect for underwater photography. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Let’s Go Shopping!
Calling all shopaholics! It’s the beginning of April and we boldly propose a closet makeover. Martinique has been hailed by many as France’s tropical runway and we invite you to take the free time in your vacation schedule to greet the stores on Rue Victor Hugo in Fort de France. Ready! Set! Go! Walk in and greet the latest couture from French designers Roger Albert and Christian LaCroix. Accessorize with the finest in fascinators, wigs and exotic weaves from stores which specialize in hair products. Finish up with classy styles from well-known shoe guru Christian Louboutin. We have a long way to go to get this closet looking fit for a 21st century woman with an eye for fashion … be ready for more as we explore the shopping world next week. Live a little! Shop a little!

Historical note! Did you know that in 2012 the Rosalie Bay Resort was recognized for its conservation efforts with a Global Vision Award for Conservation? Statistics show that under their management, the nesting site grew from 7 turtle nests in 2003 to 69 nests in 2010. Getto know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Marine Life
Can we go snorkeling? – Pouvons-nous faire de la plongée avec masque et tuba?
I would like to go turtle watching. – Je voudraisallerregarder des tortues marines.
What exotic coral reefs! – Quelleexotique des récifscoralliens !
Are these shark-infested waters? – Sontcesrequins-eauxinfestées?

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