IBS – Technology For More Reliable Security

ONE of the island’s top technology companies is branching out with new and innovative ways to make the nation feel safer through their cutting edge security solutions.

Image: Honeywell security equipment used by IBS
Honeywell security equipment used by IBS

Innovative Business Solutions (IBS) has been operational for 10 years now and has secured their spot as one of the most reliable security firms for both residential and business clients.

The company which is based in Bois d’Orange employs 30 staff members, with 8-10 forming a dedicated team of security experts.

The company specialises in the Honeywell brand which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of security products. Their systems range in levels from the four camera kit system to the eight camera kit for residential packages. There are also various alarm kits ranging from wireless and wired base packages to the full 24 hour monitoring services, thanks to their partnership with Guardsman.

Advanced systems will send signals to the Guardsman security firm in case of incidents including power outages or the disarming of systems as well as fires and burglaries.

The multitude of services also include optional 12 hour, daily or weekly checks where Guardsman will contact residents to make sure that all systems are fully functional and that all is safe and well.

The hospitality sector is heavily serviced as well as government agencies. They also do shopping complexes around the island as well as supermarket chains.

Chairman of the company, Pinkley Francis said the company focusses on everything technology including telephone systems, outsourcing of IT support. However, a large part of the business is security solutions so they offer CCTV camera services, fire systems, intrusion detection, access control and fire suppression system.

With crime being a constant hot button issue in St. Lucia, Francis said it is unfortunate that this matter works for their benefit. However, they gain comfort knowing that they are aiding in the fight against the scourge: “Crime is not the best way to capitalise on your business but obviously, it presents an opportunity and the fact that we are in the business of protecting by using technology to protect our clients and customers, obviously we would present our products to people so that they can feel safer.”

Whilst the company boasts a high clientele mainly in the business sector around the entire island, Francis said the number of residential clients is not as high as he would like to see it.

He admits that perhaps the company could do more to reach out to more clients but on the other hand, he said individuals need to make the effort to protect themselves as well: “I think we have the solution for residential and it is important that they invest in it but what I’ve discovered is that people tend to be very complacent. It’s only when it really hits home that they realise that they need to do it.”

Francis said some of the measures they are hoping to take to increase their clientele is to invest in some more marketing initiatives. On the other hand, they are bearing in mind that economics and cost are major factors hindering home owners/renters. It is for this reason that they have come up with a new initiative which is more affordable and manageable: “What we have done recently is to sign a finance agreement with Courts so that customers can now go to Courts and get their security system financed. We will do all the installation and support. So if a customer does not want to pay the entire fee up front, they could have all or part of it financed by Courts because Courts is a finance company and we’re not.”

Toby Aimable manager for the security department said he takes his work extremely serious and expects the same from his team.

Aimable said the most important trait to this job is commitment as the job is demanding.

Qualification, he said, is of extreme importance as well because the security of clients is not to be handled lightly and in an amateur manner.

“What I like to inform customers is that security is layered. Today’s thieves are innovative and a security system will not necessarily prevent someone from entering your premises, robbing you or doing harm to your premises but it could possibly deter them. But if in fact they do enter the premises or cause harm, you may catch the individual so this is what security systems are about.”

He added; “On the other hand, like Francis said, sometimes people drag their feet or pay little attention to security systems because of the cost factor but what I like to tell customers is that they could always go for cheaper products and services but at the end of the day, are you getting the security that you really want? Will your system last for five years? If someone breaks and enters your house, will you see that person’s face? I try to advise customers about all these factors.”

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