‘Against The Odds’

DELIA Samuel is a true daughter of the soil who shares the warmth and bright sunshine of the fair “Helen of the west” wherever she roams.

Samuel shows off her book
Samuel shows off her book

A mother of two boys with Autism and a mathematician, Samuel has penned her experiences raising her boys, pouring out her heart and soul into this masterpiece– a tool for parents who are raising children with special needs, but even more so a motivational read for anyone going through a challenging situation.

“Against the Odds-Inspiration for Parenting Children with Special Needs” is a warm hug of encouragement, a kiss of empathy as Samuel reminds us that indeed we are not alone and no two journeys are the same, but that we can all jump the hurdles and cross the finish line, joyful, peaceful and victorious.

While Samuel outlines some very strategic measures on how to care for these dear children in chapters such as “Play, play and play some more” and “The earlier the better”, she also lends words of wisdom for the parents on how to maintain a healthy state of mind which is even more crucial, not for only raising children with special needs but also for dealing with the wind- taking blows that life can sometimes hit us with.

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Samuel has launched her book in the U.S and now she comes to her homeland St. Lucia. The soft launch of the book was held at the St. Joseph’s Convent, her Alma Mater surrounded by family, close friends, clergy and sponsors. She also hosted a public launch at the Castries Town hall appealing to parents of children with special needs to come out and no longer feel ashamed, burdened, or frustrated but to share their experiences and allow her to share hers; a story of acceptance and victory.

Dr. Kim Gardener of the Child Development and Guidance Center supports this work of non- fiction and the mission of autism awareness that Samuel has sought to undertake through the establishment of a charity Saint Lucia Autism Awareness Project. The month of April will continue to be acknowledged as Autism Awareness month with activities to engage the public. Samuel however, intends launching several programmes geared towards helping the families struggling to understand and cope with the abstruse autism disability.

While Samuel returns to Minnesota to fulfil her motherly and professorial duties the Autism Awareness Project will continue to make strides here in Saint Lucia under the leadership of Nesa Constantine who is the on island coordinator. Patrons and sponsors can reach out to Ms .Constantine to offer their assistance in kind or monetary, or to find out what other activities are planned for the month and how they can be part of their success. Email: [email protected] or

Delia Samuel [email protected]
Delia’s book “Against the Odds” can be purchased online Amazon or at The Yard
Bookshop and Café at Massade, Gros Islet

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  1. Congratulations young lady. For taking the time and effort researching how to best raise your children with special needs and devoting your personal time of motherly love and care through bonding, nurturing, love and devotion.
    Very inspirational.
    As part of your non selfishness you also shared your experiences with other members of society with similar challenges while offering them the tools and knowledge they desperately needed to best cope with their similar challenges.
    The Bible teaches us that God has a unique way of selecting us in overcoming obstacles in life while he stands or carries us in His Loving Hands even when we stumble.
    Your situation is one that exemplifies those teachings.
    Thanks for your contribution to humanity and more importantly citizens of your island with your help and advice on dealing with this unique challenge many are faced with.
    You were Chosen for this mission by the Higher Power as he knew you were Blessed with the Spiritual Strength through Him to overcome your challenge and share that joy with the rest of the world.

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