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Scenes From UWP’s National Convention

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Allen Chastanet retained the leadership of the United Workers Party (UWP) following the party’s 39th National Convention held last Sunday at the Gros Islet Secondary School.

Chastanet’s lone challenger, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, pledged her support for the party’s cause in her short speech to the delegates following her loss, saying that the real fight the party needs to focus on is the one against the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

Despite yellow being the dominant theme last Sunday, there were some colourful moments that the hundreds of delegates produced just so we could get on film. Here are a few glimpses into last Sunday’s convention.

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  1. I would like to ask the Prime minister to bring the Soudi Ambassador
    and the one representing St. Lucia over to St. Lucia to face some of us
    because we have some questions for him to answer both in Patois and
    English. I will just run by you, some of the questions I would like to ask.
    With all the Islands with Embassies, why did you pick St.Lucia?
    Who initiated the contact? why did you miss all the 27 IMO meetings
    did you think St.Lucia is not worthy of being represented, or you just
    used St. Lucia as a tool to get Diplomatic immunity from getting nailed
    in Court? who issued you our Passport? can you please return it both
    of them? By the way, both you and your daughter are fired, we will deal
    with our own Governor who is complicit in that arrangement. As for the
    P.M. and his sidekick, their day is coming; one last thing: WHY, WHY, WHY.

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