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This is another in a series of articles intended to expose our readers to pertinent information regarding their fitness efforts. It is produced mainly on the basis of research done by Rodriguez “Rodja” Constantine, who’s a Fitness Consultant, the owner of REPTS (Registered Exercise Professionals & Therapists) and co-producer and host of THE FIT FACTOR on Rhythm Fm (95.5). Rodja has over 20 years’ experience in the field.

Beat the Odds: Seven Essential Tips for Reaching Your Workout Goals

“I was really on a roll for about a month. Then it started to feel like work. You know, the same old thing.”
“I’m always travelling and my schedule changes by the week. It’s hard to have any sort of routine.”
“The more I work out, the more I want to eat. It’s a vicious cycle.”
“Considering my work schedule, classes, and family, I just don’t have time to train –

These are the kinds of things people say to justify giving up on their fitness plan—and unfortunately, it’s a substantial group. According to a January 2015 study from the University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology, “staying fit and healthy” outranks such life-changing goals as “fall in love” and “spend more time with family” on the top ten New Year’s resolutions list. However, only 46 percent of people, according to the study, are likely hanging in there by June—and only 8 percent will actually reach their goals.

Despite these dire predictions, training—whether you’re doing it independently with or with a skilled, maybe slightly sadistic trainer at repts—can become the greatest success story you’ve ever told. It’s just a matter of how you approach it.

Here’s how to turn your vision into a success:

Create a schedule—and respect it. Develop a realistic schedule–one that takes into account work, family and other obligations, and stick with it. If you’re working with a trainer, don’t be shy about your three-month trip around the world, or other things you may see as deal-breakers. A pro can stare down such obstacles with a sound plan.

2. Just (don’t) do it. If you think you’re dying while doing step-ups or you feel you look like a putz doing burpees in a crowded gym, find another exercise to address that particular training goal. This is where a trainer can really pay off—it’s part of the value proposition. Let him do the research. All you have to do is sweat.

3. Under the weather? Netflix wins. You may feel brave in the process, but challenging a compromised immune system by working out may take days or weeks off your schedule. Stay home. (And this most certainly applies to hangovers.)

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is your best friend—especially if optimizing workouts, losing weight and staying alive are important goals. Try drinking half your body weight in ounces. (Example: a 160-pound person should drink 80 ounces of water—ten glasses—daily.)

5. Ditch the chat; ditch the texting. Yes, you’ve got your workout on your phone (and if you don’t, here’s how to change that). But that doesn’t mean you should use it on the bench (that’s just dangerous) or even for extended periods between sets. Elongating your rest periods compromises results.

6. Resting equals repairing. Take a load off. Determined people are always go, go, go. Don’t be afraid to take time off every now and then. True physical and mental relaxation gives you physical strength.

7. Eat well. Feel like pigging out? A great workout isn’t license to raid the fridge. One hundred renegade rows don’t mean a thing if you’re eating a pizza for dinner washed down with a gallon of your favourite soda or sweet local juice..

Follow these rules and you’ll find it hard to even want to make any more lame excuses as you pump yourself up to new levels of fitness and self-adulation. So let’s go! 2 more REPTS!

Join Rodja next week for another very informative article. In the mean time here’s a fitness programme to help you shed unwanted pounds, trim excess body fat, and sculpt a lean body. Each week, the workouts will become progressively challenging to keep you motivated toward your fitness and weight loss goals. Each exercise should be performed in sequence with one day of rest in between and each should eventually be completed within 30 to 45 minutes. Personalized programmes are also available for a nominal fee. You may also contact Rodja) or visit our website at reptsfitness.com or our facebook page at faceboook.com/repts.fitness for more information and videos.


REPTS ( Registered Exercise Professionals & Therapists) is a Personal Training Studio located both in Castries and Rodney Bay. REPTS offers all inclusive upgradeable fitness packages (Personal and small Group Training, Body Analysis, Nutrition Counseling and Planning, FREE Gym Membership, Classes and etc.) for one affordable monthly fee. Rodja also designs long term fitness plans and short term workout routines for use at home, your current gym, or when traveling. Skype Training is also available for those who live abroad or travel too frequently to maintain a consistent training programme at home. Call 758-722-3763 to schedule an FREE consultation and trial session. Visit repts online at reptsfitness.com on facebook at facebook.com/repts.fitness. Call for details about our current special. 722-3763.

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