More Than Just Water

WITH several millions of dollars now being invested to make the island’s water more readily available, one can only hope that all these reap the desired results.

While the availability of pipe-borne water to homes has been a progressive undertaking over the years, the debilitating effects of climate change have now confronted us in such a manner that even finding water sources is a major headache.

By early next year, the de-silting of the John Compton Dam at Millet is expected to commence. Undoubtedly a massive project, the end-result of restoring the dam to its full capacity would definitely be a plus for WASCO and its 90,000 consumers in the island’s north who depend on that water reservoir.

This week, Minister for Sustainable Development, Dr. James Fletcher, underscored the point that while there might be several ways of generating electricity, the opposite is true in sourcing safe drinking water. It’s a powerful and true statement that speaks to the preciousness of the liquid of life itself.

While WASCO might be clearing the way to becoming a viable company, the mantra of preserving and conserving water must be embraced now more than ever. Drought conditions or not, the hovering signs of climate change must make people think twice about using water indiscriminately.

Like WASCO’s tagline, “Water is Life”, conserving water has almost become a cliché for many people who think that once they pay for water, they reserve the right to – unfortunately – waste it. What many consumers fail to realize, however, is that just like WASCO having to source loans to restructure its operations, Mother Nature, too, can call in her debt at any time.

With Saint Lucia still experiencing a dry spell, the island is about to enter the new year with a water deficit. When one considers that a whopping 56% of the treated water WASCO pumps to domestic and commercial consumers gets lost via leaks in the system, the headache becomes a migraine.

The millions of dollars now being invested into WASCO’s rehabilitation programme must nevertheless find the company in good stead in the future. We cannot continue to have so many negative factors plaguing our water supply. Notwithstanding that the quality of water WASCO usually sends our way is comparable to the best bottled water available, we all need to ensure that our water supply never taps out.

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