Don’t Give Up

Mary-Juliana-Brice2LIFE is a learning lesson, and sometimes when someone is trying to learn or to do something important, they quickly give up. Never should any one give up when they are learning or attempting to do something significant, especially if it is something that is requested of them, or something which they felt that was needed to be done.

To focus properly on anything at all will certainly bring in some amazing results. Giving up does not assist anyone, as no one can tell how long it takes to get something done. Everyone is different, in their education; in the way they operate in being calm and patient; in being confident, and being positive when they are seeking to get something done. When such persons operate properly, they get fantastic results, for giving up is not something that they take for granted or believe in.

Impatience is another key that allows persons to give up easily. Relationships such as marriages, best friends, co-workers and many others are constantly given up on. Does anyone practice forgiveness? If someone has the ability to forgive, their relationships are better able to be comfortably dealt with.

How can you refuse to communicate with your parents? You don’t like what they are requesting of you, and so they are easily abandoned? Families should be loving, joyful and faithful to each other, and as a result of this there will be no abandonment. If something seriously occurs in their relationships, there should be some form of counselling, assistance, forgiveness, and so all will be resolved. In giving up in such circumstances, pain and suffering occurs. Unless there is a proper settlement, that suffering remains, and inflicts one in many circumstances. Why can’t we take proper decisions promptly?

Some of the things that one should give up on are wrong doings, sinful situations that cause trouble, and sometimes the evil that persons request of you. We should open our minds and hearts, and examine what is not right, and so giving up in that zone is a good attitude. Life is certainly not about following and accepting wrong doings.

In every aspect of life there is good and bad. As a result of this we should try our best to understand this, so that we may have a good and enjoyable lifestyle. Bad things occur sometimes even if we did not request it, and so we need to remain calm, find a proper solution and move on. Everyone has to deal with many things in life, and so just giving up is out of it. Don’t give up when you try to assist others, especially the poor, elderly and those who are suffering from difficulties, as everyone is required to serve in their lives.

In desperation sometimes, we decide to let go, but this is not always in keeping with the phrase, “Let go and let God.” If we believe in this, then and only then do we achieve whatever it is we had to, as only God knows best. So please, do not give up uselessly.

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