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Calling All Independents

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

I LISTEN to Newsspin more often than is healthy. Often times I hear the host lament, “Where is the new breed of politicians?” He, like me, is tired of the old stock. He, I don’t think, believes in the power of one.

I am a little confused by the meandering of Dr. Matthew. He speaks of a government of national unity and looks to partisan politics: ain’tgonna happen Dr. Matthew..

I remember being on a show with Rick Wayne a few years ago. Apart from not being ready to interview me, I think the interviewer was trying to push his own agenda.

And then there are the people, the wider population, who have been conditioned to a said expectation. So they think you must come making promises and think that you must have a prescription of solutions and a bag of money to run an election.

I try to refrain from SLAP’s facebook page. I really don’t think that they are aiming for progress, but pappyshow in Saint Lucia gets a lot of following. Why is “Saint Lucians for Change” not as active as Saint Lucia Aiming for Progress (SLAP)? I will tell you why. Because there is no roro. Why is Kensley Charlemagne not a regular voice on the news or talk shows? Because he is not controversial. Is anyone ready to discuss the Independent model? I don’t think so. So for now I am the lone wolf in the wilderness.

I remember sending a press release to Newsspin announcing my candidacy for the 2011 general elections and oh, the spin that was put on it. If it was to make traction for the programme, it did not. I remember speaking to the host chastising him on the slant that he had put on the press release not extracting anything substantial from what I think was a release that contained a lot more meat, while the host chose to feast on the skin. He focused on a typographical omission. I am still waiting for the call up, Tim!

I dare anyone of those politicians to prove their mettle and run independent. Robert Lewis, prove your mettle. Do the people of Castries South like you or do they like your red garments? What is happening to Jannine Compton, this election? Look what they did to her: she eh yellow so good bye fellow. Which politician is willing to rid himself or herself of the cloak of partisan politics?

I am making a call for more independents to contest this up coming election. People of character, integrity and viability; male or female, young or old. If I may name names, Dr. Didicus Jules, Dr. VirginaPoyotte, Mr. Cuthbert Didier. I have been accused of being anti-establishment. So far from the truth. Get to know me. Ask questions. Engage me. Get to understand my political ideology.

People wish me luck. I don’t need luck. I need an engaging audience. I need a questioning following. An educated people.A people who think critically. I need Timothy to give me as much air time as he gives to Dr. Matthew. I need the NYC to engage me. Youth groups, let’s talk. Mothers’ and fathers’ groups, let’s have a discussion.

I would relay what Ben Carson had to say about the media but this article is getting too long. Let me here say thanks to Tim for reading some of my articles and again call for independent representation in all 17 constituencies.


  1. What do you mean, what about me for a change? I have twice contested the election.
    And what do you mean you want to test me out. I am always open to engagement as long as it’s constructive.
    I have sad before the independent model is not eched in stone.

  2. So you have flunked two, I see, At lease you have tried, now you call for
    other potential suckers to try; NICE. Lucianna is no place for a 3rd Party.
    We have enough clowns eating off the public trough, flying here flying there,
    too many pretenders as ambassadors, highly payed Card holders with Jabals
    to support, will that ever change in St. Lucia? that’s it my friend.

  3. If you are eager to show your ideas, YOU should engage the NYC and other youth groups, community groups, etc.

    Do you think that the establishment will seriously discuss your ideas?

    Forget about the dinosaurs who polute our radio air waves!

    Youth / Free Thinkers arent listening to them anyway!!

  4. It is a tough road. The youth are fed up of the bullshitters and crooks. But don’t know what they want. Fight the good fight.

    The race is not for the swift.

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