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Zinah Aimable – The Secret Life of a ‘Side Chick’


PEOPLE, I’m excited today. I’m excited because I snagged a FITC that I never thought I would have gotten. Now although she came with her conditions before giving me her story, I was willing to accept just so that I could delve into her world and ask the questions that so many people want to know the answers to.

After sending out a call for a brave mistress on Facebook, I got a bite people, I can tell you that I got myself a “Side Chick”

Zinah Aimable is a free, single and outgoing sales assistant from Marchand who at first glance, is a beautiful and regular woman but behind closed doors, she plays a role that is widely frowned upon and is considered to be extremely villainous.

The 31 year old is in a category of women who choose to stay out of conventional relationships for a number of unknown reasons and instead, pursue men who are involved in established relationships or even married.

Now whilst the level-headed world has said that mistresses are not the only ones to be blamed and that the men who choose to be philanderers should be equally blamed, in many to most cases, the women involved are usually the ones to feel the brunt of the blame, resentment and in some cases revenge.

Infidelity has become a widespread issue all around the world and as one can imagine, is seemingly epidemic in tiny St. Lucia. With the man to woman ratio incredibly unbalanced here, many say that good men are quickly becoming a rarity and the chance of snagging a good one who is single is extremely slim…hence the savage feeding frenzy amongst women who will not hesitate to stamp out the competition to get her guy.

The women who have fallen victim to cheating spouses usually have so many questions that they could only wish would be answered by the women who participated in these affairs especially the big “WHY?”.

Well, today Miss Aimable will answer some of those questions.

(Please note; she gave me her real name which is not known by many at all and for obvious reasons, she has chosen to keep her image unknown.)

The VOICE: I have so many questions and so little space but here goes…You openly admit to being a mistress, why have you chosen to play that role?

Zinah: I’ve chosen this role because I have been disappointed with men and for the first time I finally got a man who keeps it real. They would always pretend they have no one else only to find halfway through, a woman comes claiming them.

The VOICE: Tell me about this relationship, (how long, what is the man like, how you feel about him, how does he treat you)?

Zinah: This relationship is four years and counting. The guy treats me great and I can’t complain. I get my needs and wants fulfilled. At first I was a little hesitant towards him but after a few years I just kept falling deeper in love with him.

The VOICE: What do you know about his “main” relationship?

Zinah: Well, she is just a girlfriend not a wife and there are no children involved. They just live together and they have been together for about nine years now.

The VOICE: How did this relationship start out…who pursued whom?

Zinah: Well, it was the guy who did the pursuing at the time We always kept bumping into one another at various events

The VOICE: How does it feel though, knowing that you are…well…a mistress and that you don’t have all of this man’s heart?

Zinah: Sometimes I feel sad that I can’t have him to myself but then again having to remove myself from the responsibility of taking care of a man 24/7…I really don’t have to worry about

The VOICE: How does it make you feel that he is going home to another woman every night?

Zinah: No way! Really, because after having spent time with him, that’s all I need.

The VOICE: Do you ever consider the fact that you could be the main reason behind the end of a long term relationship?

Zinah: Not really. If it’s meant to be it will be. I’m just helping out a situation. After being through someone breaking up my happy relationship, anything can happen.

The VOICE: Have you ever considered his girlfriend? Does she deserve this?

Zinah: Well sometimes I do because I find myself asking him to spend more time with her and try and mend things. I also tell him to let her know what’s making him unhappy.

The VOICE: Some might say that you lack self confidence and that by stooping to such a level, you have no self respect…how do you respond to that?

Zinah: I do have self respect. It’s just like you’re considering the guy is yours only to find you’re sharing him also. But with my situation I know what I am getting into.

The VOICE: What measures do you and your “borrowed” boyfriend have to go through to keep the relationship on the down low?

Zinah: To the girl yes it is on a down low but on the outside no. Out there that’s my guy. If we’re in public, we would meet at an event but never leave together. When people ask, he’s just my friend…we just lime. No calls after hours, keep messages discreet, denying that’s my guy, would say we’re just close friends, he saves my numbers as different names, if he’s out at an event with her I can’t be there and let’s not forget, no kissing in public.

The VOICE: Why would you put yourself through this though? Don’t you think it’s somewhat degrading?

Zinah: It’s not! I know what I’m putting up with. I rather this than to get a guy lying and saying I’m the only one and that’s not the truth.

The VOICE: Have you ever had any close encounters with the main girlfriend?

Zinah: No

The VOICE: What do your friends and family think of this relationship?

Zinah: They don’t know the details of my relationship

The VOICE: Does “your guy” have any other mistresses? And if you think not, how do you know? After all, he is cheating with you.

Zinah: Well, I don’t know if he is.

The VOICE: Would you like this man to end his main relationship and make you his one and only woman?

Zinah: Yes.

The VOICE: But then again on the other hand, if you do become his main, how would you feel if and/or when your previous post as “side chick” is filled up by someone else?

Zinah: What goes around comes around I wouldn’t trust him one hundred percent though.

The VOICE: How would you feel if he ended things with you to be faithful to his girlfriend?

Zinah: I would feel a little heart broken because he was never mine to begin with. I would be hurt but then relieved knowing I’m not living a double life anymore.

The VOICE: Ok, you said that you were hurt before but then again, many women have been, why didn’t you just move on to find a decent man of your own?

Zinah: In this world you can hardly get one of your own. Good guys are very hard to find.

The VOICE: Do you think that you should be the only one to blame in this predicament?

Zinah: No! I’m not! The guy has to get his share too. It was never my intention to get in so deep.

The VOICE: Why do you think that women are the ones who get the brunt of the blame in these situations even though the man is just as responsible…even in cases where they are not actually the ones to blame?

Zinah: Because people believe that women are just devious creatures, for instance take Adam an Eve.

The VOICE: Finally, to the people who will surely pass judgment on you following this interview, what do you have to say to them?

Zinah: Unless you have walked in my shoes you can’t judge me. Who feels it knows!

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  1. Malpwop woyeee!!so because a good man hard to find u creeping with another woman’s man? Both u and the man Malpwop, lucian men will always take advantage in lucian women because they know they are so desperate to find a man and there are few.Girl island hop or overseas to find a man choopse tun!!! I refuse to be a side chick heck to the NO!!!!!

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