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Make Yourself Hireable

By Samuel Rosenberg

RECRUITING new employees is a very difficult process, especially when far too many people apply for each available position. Sometimes, hundreds of applicants will apply for great looking jobs and the recruiter has to find the most suitable candidate, with very little to choose between some individuals. How can you stand out as the one?

Many people would have told you that your CV is vitally important as part of the job application process, but equally, the way in which you conduct yourself during and after an interview is extremely important to help you stand out from the crowd of great CVs and shine bright in the eyes of the recruiter.

You can impress the interviewer by adopting the United States appreciation method and sending a thank you note, either in writing or via an email, after the interview. You will be thanking them for considering your application. This will certainly make you stand out in comparison with the majority of applicants. While you are thanking them for their time and interest, you will be reinforcing any salient points that need to stand out. This will clarify your interest in the job and will go a long way to lift you up the ladder to success.

Out of the 20, 50 or 100 people who sent in a CV, the HR manager may have decided to interview five to 10 individuals. Where you are one of those few, you may be the only person who sends a thank you note to help you stand out and increase your chances of securing the employment.

Whether you are social media savvy or not, it is important to use social media networks to place yourself in a positive position to be seen as someone who can be employed. Many employers will search through social media apps to find out what you have posted and to see how you are presented as a potential candidate.

More employers are turning to the professional network LinkedIn, where a high quality profile will make you look right for the job. Nevertheless, they will also search Facebook, Twitter and any other online location they can find information about you. This may give them more information about your character than can be displayed during an interview. In some circumstances, your statuses, tweets and updates may even prevent you from receiving an interview.

This is one of the reasons why it is important to do your research about the business that you are going to be applying to. You will be able to compare how the required skills and responsibilities in your current experience can easily be seen to match the potential new role. This will enable you to form a list of questions that the interviewer may ask and you will be prepared with answers that roll fluently from your tongue and you won’t be stuck for words.

It is certainly not easy to find a suitable employed position in today’s marketplace, but by presenting yourself in the correct manner and with a great CV, you will increase your chances dramatically. By sending a follow-up email you will differentiate yourself from the other applicants and remind the interviewer about your particular skills and why you should be selected above all the other jobseekers.
Samuel Rosenberg is the founder and CEO of Axcel Finance Ltd., the leading regional microfinance institution. Share your thoughts and email your questions to [email protected]

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