Summertime Hobbies

One of the many butterflies ... Valley of butterflies (Martinique)
One of the many butterflies ... Valley of butterflies (Martinique)
One of the many butterflies … Valley of butterflies (Martinique)

HOW do you get away from the “hustle and bustle” of life; the challenges of professional life, the ladders of motherhood and the unforeseen thorns of family life?

The answer is simple: attach yourself to a hobby and grow with it. Some find their escape in the pages of a book while others weave their way to relaxation with balls of thread and needles. For others, a playing field offers the ideal ambience for rejuvenation of nerves and re-activation of muscles, while gardening provides an opportunity for others to be creative in the environment.

Within the Island Neighbours, many opportunities are present for the development of hobbies into talents and worthwhile entrepreneurial ventures.

In times when boredom threatens to sweep you away, discover a hobby and make it into something more. Collect some coloured stoppers and make this summer a time for crafty ideas. Create a portrait, garnish a place mat or simply complete an art project with your son or daughter. What are some of the other things in your environment that you can use to create this unique summer project? Tell us on Facebook: Island Neighbours.

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Help the turtles hatchlings to the water at Rosalie Bay, Dominica
Help the turtles hatchlings to the water at Rosalie Bay, Dominica

It’s Turtle Hatchling and Family Day at Rosalie Bay in Dominica! The event, which is part of DiveFest2015 activities, is part of a group of activities scheduled for July 10 – 19 2015. Make it part of your family vacation – take the children out to the beach and cheer some turtle hatchlings along as they race to their new homes.

Neighbourly GetAways
Pursuing a hobby is sometimes a refreshing breakthrough from the strains of everyday life. How much better can a vacation get doing what you know and love? Licensed ham/amateur radio operators can shack up with ‘SalinesVacances’ in Le Francois Guadeloupe. The licensed ham radio operator earns access to a fully equipped station; an opportunity to meet fellow hobbyists and relax on a selection of over three beaches. If you enjoy hang gliding or micro-light flying, Air Cocotier – Guadeloupe’s seaplane departs Lagon de Saint Francois flying over Saint Francois and its environment. Wait a minute! Perhaps, flying does not entice you. Well … let’s see! What can we suggest? Hmmm ….Make something out of your hobby this week! If craft is your calling and the “nature isle” is on your list of places to visit ….then, it may be a good idea to visit Dominica’s General Post Office. Once there, tap into your sense of regional patriotism and purchase some of Dominica’s rarest stamps. With these, create homemade post cards and bookmarks, or even a fancy border for that favourite portrait. If you’ve hungry for more adventure, pack your suitcases and head over to the “isle of flowers” – Martinique. In our quest to take you away from the daily stressors you meet, we urge you to visit the Valley of the Butterflies which is located in Carbet Botanical Gardens. Bring along your camera and be sure to take pictures for your photo album or your scrapbook. If you’re technologically savvy, create a blog with your photos and share it with your friends, family and fellow travelers.

Historical note! Tour de Cycliste de la Guadeloupe is an annual men’s multiple stage road bicycle race founded in 1948. Did you know that it costs nearly one dollar (EC) to send letters to the U.S or England from Dominica’s General Post Office? Get to know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Les Passe temps/Hobbies
Les échecs
Le jardinage
La Radonnée
La voile
La natation
La lecture
La Chasse
Le tennis
La pêche
I draw
Je fais du dessin
I cook
Je fais la cuisine
I go shopping
Je fais du shopping
I do photography
Je fais de la photographie
I play on the computer
Je joue á l’ordinateur
I listen to music
J’écoute de la musique

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