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Junior Carnival

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JUST Us Kids “chipped” their way into yet another Band of the Year title at last Sunday’s Junior Carnival held in the Castries city circuit, as the young ones gave the nation their first real taste of 2015 carnival.

The band captured nine of the 12 spots available in the competition’s four categories, including Band of the Year, Junior King of the Band, Junior Queen of the Band, and Individual titles.

Seven bands participated in this year’s competition: Just Us Kids portraying “Commercial Break: Tribute to our Sponsors”, Sky High Revellers portraying “The Story of Aladdin and Jasmine”, Motion Studio portraying “Frozen in Time”, Babonneau Community portraying “The Glories of Babonneau”, Gros Islet Community portraying “KiltiGwoziléVivan”, Just 4 Fun Kids portraying “Out of Afrika”, and Insommeil portraying “Fancy Sailors”.

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The results from Sunday’s Junior Carnival are as follows:

• 1st place – 421 pts. – Just Us Kids for “Commercial Break: Tribute to our Sponsors”
• 2nd place – 348 pts. – Sky High Revellers for “The Story of Aladdin and Jasmine”
• 3rd place – Motion Studios – 339 pts. – “Frozen in Summer”

• 1st place – 385 pts. — JessyCornibert (Just Us Kids) for “Hot Dog Cart”
• 2nd place – 367 pts. — Jah-Mallen Alcindor (Just Us Kids) for “RoboDigi 4G”
• 3rd place – 353 pts. — Neil Herelle (Just Us Kids) for “Power of Sharing”

• 1st place – 385 pts. – Nyla Alexander (Just Us Kids) for “Water Spout”
• 2nd place – 352 pts. – KioniAffufo (Just Us Kids) for “The Extraordinary Masquerader”
• 3rd place – 279 pts. – Keyanna Eugene (Insommeil) for “Fancy Sailor Fan”

• 1st place – 360 pts. – Dahlia St. Jules (Just Us Kids) for “Flavours of Pinehill”
• 2nd place – 319 pts. – Amelia Charlemagne (Just Us Kids) for “Spreading The News”
• 3rd place – 275 pts. – NyaGustave (Just Us Kids) for “The Berry In Me”

Sunday’s parade of the junior bands was as colourful and lively as the afternoon’s heat was punishing. Nevertheless, the junior revellers seemed more than willing to have some wholesome fun on their feet, especially after spending a long school year with their heads in their books.

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