Gilroy ‘Gillo’ Gaston Cops Two Titles In Three Days

Policeman Takes Inter-Commercial Calypso Crown.

Image of Gilroy “Gillo” Gaston
Gilroy “Gillo” Gaston

SINGER/songwriter/police constable Gilroy “Gillo” Gaston continued the winning ways he displayed at last Saturday evening’s Kaiso Headquarters by capturing this year’s Inter-Commercial House Calypso Competition on Tuesday evening.


Dubbed “the friendliest rivalry among the business sector”, the Inter-Commercial House Calypso competition was held on the grounds of the National Cultural Centre (NCC) due to the event outgrowing its capacity in its traditional NCC interior venue.


Gaston amassed 359 points for his self-penned song, “2030”, which won him the Kaiso Headquarters titles three days earlier. Performing at number six, Gaston appeared onstage with a police four-wheeler all-terrain bike before getting into the song which deals with what plans he has should he become police commissioner by the year 2030. His performance set the competition’s bar really high and the police constable seemed the crowd favourite from then on.


Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services & Transport’s Linell “Lady L” Joseph picked up second place honours with 347 points for her commanding performance of “It’s Not Just We”, a song which explained the need for motorists to cooperate with her ministry’s registration and safety rules.


Malika “Miss Kitty” Chester, a former “Inter” monarch, placed third with 336 points for her poignant “Untold Stories”, many of which never get the appropriate attention they deserve. Super J’s Nadia “Nads” Auguste, also a former “Inter” monarch, came in fourth place with 326 points for her song, “Another One Gone Again”, which dealt with the topical subject of suicide, especially among males.


This year’s event had the traditional huge crowd support as many companies use the competition to gain bragging rights by exposing the latent talent among their employees. For now, though, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force will be capitalizing on such rights.


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