Diary Of A Smart Woman — St. James Club Seminar July 25

WANT to be financially independent and take control of your well-being? Isn’t it time you turned the page to a smarter, better you? Then get ready as First Citizens and Neutrogena present “Diary of a Smart Woman”––the women’s seminar for forward thinking ladies!

[L-R] Attorney Trudy O Glasgow, Grant Thorton's Malaika Theobalds & Carasco & Son Charmaine Gardner
[L-R] Attorney Trudy O Glasgow, Grant Thorton’s Malaika Theobalds & Carasco & Son Charmaine Gardner
Set a date for Saturday July 25 at the Saint James Club Morgan Bay to kick off your heels and rejuvenate as you get insight into the intricate success diaries of special presenters: Businesswoman Dr. Charmaine Gardner, Certified Accountant MalaikaTheobalds, Attorney-at-Law Trudy Glasgow, Psychiatrist Dr. Eve Felicien, First Citizens deputy CEO Sharon Christopher and Regional Manager Carole Eleuthere-Jn Marie.

This one-day only event provides an opportunity for women to gain the skills, self-assurance and develop the networks necessary to more effectively build their careers, businesses and better manage their finances, health and nurture their spirit.

[L-R] FC Regional Manager Carole Eleuthere Jn Marie, FC Duty CEO Sharon Christopher
[L-R] FC Regional Manager Carole Eleuthere Jn Marie, FC Duty CEO Sharon Christopher
Attendees will be provided with expert insights on financial planning and options available in the financial market as well as equip them with a greater understanding of how these markets work. The attendees will also be educated and advised on other topics which are also essential parts of being a successful women. They include: Turning the Page to a Smarter, Better You , Memoirs of a Determined Woman, Self-destruction: Unlocking the Unspoken Code, Work Smarter & Harder: Strategies for Professional Success, Smart Legal Steps to Safeguard You and Your Investments and Street Smart: A Personal Safety Guide for Women.”

To sign up for this exclusive event contact 450-2662 or email [email protected] for details. Sponsors include The Wave, Paradise Water, Aveeno, DermaLogics Medical Spa, Saint James Club Morgan Bay, JP Chenet, Sea Island Cotton Shop, Sayana Yoga & Courts.

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